Harry Reid: ‘Everybody, including rich people, willing to pay more’ taxes

harry-reidSaying there will be no grand bargain in the House-Senate budget conference involving spending cuts to entitlement programs, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claimed everyone is “willing to pay more” in taxes.

When asked by a Nevada Public Radio host what Republicans would have to concede to get Medicare and Social Security cuts on the table, Reid made it clear he is more interested in getting rid of the only cuts to actual spending seen thus far — sequestration, as reported by Roll Call.

“On sequestration, we’ve done one year of sequestration. It has been brutal,” Reid said.

“The only people who feel there shouldn’t be more coming in to the federal government from the rich people are the Republicans in the Congress,” Reid said. “Everybody else, including the rich people, are willing to pay more. They want to pay more.”

Never mind that the federal government is projected to collect more revenue in 2013 than ever before, as reported by The Hill.

“The rich are willing to pay more,” Reid added. “They’re not the ones out here saying, ‘please don’t tax me.'”

Reid then looked to moderate Republicans to assist Democrats in raising taxes, saying “we’re going to have to have mainstream Republicans step up again.”

Paging U.S. Sen. John McCain.

“They have their mind set on doing nothing, nothing more on revenue, and until they get off that kick, there’s not going to be a grand bargain on — there’s not going to be a small bargain,” Reid said. “We’re just going to have to do something to work our way through sequestration.”

Listen here via RealClear Politics:

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23 thoughts on “Harry Reid: ‘Everybody, including rich people, willing to pay more’ taxes

  1. Miami Girl says:

    Where does he come up with this stuff? He must not have asked the American people. We are tired of supporting everyone who won’t work and giving our money to other countries. He needs to talk to us, not for us.

    1. Carol Chadbourne says:

      The blame comes from the top of the wh..

  2. Joseph Jr says:

    Reid is out of control and it is Ovomit that is letting him go. They believe that they can do whatever they want and because of communist Republicans they do. Yet it is the American people who have the final word. Their arrogance will be a big part of their downfall. It is the reason two Dems were recalled in Colorado.

  3. chad says:

    I think political office should return to being a voluntary position…aka no pay. Let’s face it, unless you are rich prior you won’t be able to be a politician. They are all wealthy and in no way need a salary. Republicans need to take over the majority in Congress, holding the House alone isn’t working since the truth about how government works is lost on this administration. And besides, our greatest economic times have been when Republicans have held Congress and Democrats had the presidency. Mostly because neither party gets to go crazy passing stupid laws and Democrats can’t recklessly spend other people’s money. Democrats always takes the credit, but they are the type of people to do that regardless and Republicans historically have been the quiet ones. Then comes the Tea Party candidates, people who will actually stand up and be heard, make the stand for their constituents, and not let the Democrats just take credit for anything that works and blame Republicans for anything that doesn’t. So now Democrats are crying to mommy because they can’t act unruly without being called out on it. I look forward to Reid losing his majority leader position. This has to happen, otherwise we will never have a budget agreement, the Senate will never get a vote on anything originating in the House…and I can’t wait to see how much of a cry baby Obama turns into when he becomes the 1/3 minority. It’s been long overdue to force this administration to work in reality rather than in his utopian, socialist, delusional mind.

    1. Vincent Ardolino says:

      You so clearly explain the dysfunction and reckless behaviors from the Democrats we are currently suffering under.

      Interesting to watch the entire Obama presidency unravel all the way to his “signature bill” ObamaCare which is clearly falling apart. Foreign policy is failing, the economy is positioned for another recession if not a depression and all they worry about is how will this effect the Democrat party. Let me tell you, it has destroyed it.

      All the Democrats running around with their bigoted hate speech discrediting the opposition who all along turns out was right. How can you ever recover from such displays of complete incompetence?

  4. Carol Chadbourne says:

    Harry Reid has lost his marbles…he really needs a psych-eval. After all, don’t pds across the Nation have to go through one, when there’s been a killing….I mean, reid is killing us all as the head of the Senate….a slow, evil death to us and OUR Country..he’s an enemy of the States and should be recalled…just too old to keep up with reality. Another a-s kisser of a democrat.

  5. Jeannette Rook says:

    Harry Reid must be smoking smack with Barry with BO in the White House

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