Treasurer Ted: Nugent joins first official campaign team in Texas

ted nugent

Former Texas Rep. Sid Miller is not only running for the job of agriculture commissioner in the Lone Star State, his campaign treasurer and co-chairman is none other than the mad patriot himself, famed rocker Ted Nugent, according to the Texas Tribune.

Joining the cause at the invitation of Miller’s campaign, Nugent promised to “raise as much hell as he can,” the Tribune reported.

Anyone who doubts the pledge or the rock star’s tendency to speak up, especially about Obama, doesn’t know Nugent. Still, his reasons for joining Miller’s campaign are sensible and personal.

“I grow crops, and I raise wildlife. I’ve been an ag guy since I was a kid,” he told the Tribune, saying of Miller, “I believe in guys who stand by the Constitution.”

Miller, a Republican, isn’t new to agricultural legislation. The former chairman of the Texas House Committee on Agriculture and Livestock, he endorsed aerial hunting of feral hogs, which are known to plague Texas ranchers and farmers alike, according to the Tribune.

The Miller campaign said current Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples isn’t going to seek re-election and has decided to run for lieutenant governor instead.

An active political activist, Nugent has appeared on behalf of Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, both Republicans. This is, however, his first official campaign title.



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