Tempers flare, McCain shoos man from town hall for speaking his mind

U.S. Sen. John McCain got a home-front view of passions over the civil was in Syria when a man at a town hall meeting said the United States is helping arm terrorists with its aid to Syrian rebels.

“I’ve been told for 12 years Al Qaida is my enemy, sir,” the man said. “Why is my money going to Al Qaida in Syria?”

mccainshooer1024aMcCain, one of the most outspoken supporters of U.S. aid to the Syrian rebels, defended the U.S.and told the man he was being rude, according to Dan Nowicki of the Arizona Republic, who attended the meeting.

McCain ended up shooing the man out with an arm gesture before things went any further, Talking Points Media reported.

Check out the video of the man’s outburst here. McCain isn’t shown asking the man to leave, but the man’s anger is clear.

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