911 crossx
Will American Atheists win its appeal to remove Ground Zero Cross?

Here is a court case worth watching — an example of “tyranny of the minority” brought by American Atheists who comprise only 1.6 percent of the population. […]

NSA records mind-boggling 124 billion calls in one month

The National Security Agency scooped up information on more than 124 billion phone calls in one month, the Washington Free Beacon reported Thursday. Citing news outlets such […]

unemployment office 2
Fla. unemployment department evasive about overpayments to furloughed workers

How many furloughed federal workers received unemployment assistance from the state of Florida as a result of the government shutdown? Who knows? The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, responsible for […]

Tempers flare, McCain shoos man from town hall for speaking his mind

U.S. Sen. John McCain got a home-front view of passions over the civil was in Syria when a man at a town hall meeting said the United […]

Marine hats
Obama administration suggests Marines wear $8 million ‘girly’ hats

The Department of Defense is suggesting that the U.S. Marine Corps to replace their iconic hats with a new “unisex” style that some service members describe as […]

Man saves dog’s life, gets all his eggs broken
Man saves dog’s life, gets all his eggs broken

This happens more than you might realize. Good thing this guy was willing to sacrifice his eggs to save this poor, little dog. H/T: LiveLeak

Viral video: Tiny alien attack alert!
Viral video: Tiny alien attack alert!

If it was totally dark, and this little kid came running at you, you’d be scared, and don’t lie and say you wouldn’t be. A great Halloween […]

NJ Dem loses it at Obamacare hearing: ‘I will not yield to this monkey court!’

A senior Democratic member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee belittled not only his committee, but Thursday’s congressional hearing on the glitches with the Obamacare website. […]

Pelosi: Don’t worry about ‘what happens if they’re not able to fix it’

Reporters asked about only one issue at Wednesday’s press briefing with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. — the debacle of HealthCare.gov’s rollout. And she had but […]

Stewart and Krauthammer match wits

Giving comedian Jon Stewart a history lesson while promoting his new book of collected columns, syndicated columnist and Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer said re-reading some of […]

Goose bumps! US Marine belts out ‘God Bless America’ at World Series

Retired U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Dan Clark inspired the nation with his incredible rendition of “God Bless America” Wednesday night at Fenway Park. The World Series Game […]

Car insurance PIP law scores win; Atwater calls it ‘relief’ for consumers

A Florida appeals court on Wednesday halted a challenge to a law aimed at reforming the state’s car insurance system, ruling that attorneys fighting the law could […]