Video: Actual chat session with you will swear is a joke

Obamacare’s making the local DMV look good.

Is this the guy giving your advice?

The House Republican Conference released a video Wednesday morning of excerpts from a chat between a potential customer and an online “assistant” that’s funny and kind of chilling at the same time.

The supplicant (one of those folks who used to be known as “American citizens”) sounds frustrated. The Kathleen Sebelius flunky on the other end sounds like a stoned slacker reject from “Clerks,” except this guy’s actually on the public payroll.

The excerpts are embarrassingly funny, but to its credit, the conference released the chat’s full transcript, too. In a way, it’s worse.

Check out the video. For the transcript, or to share your own horror story about Obamacare, go here. (And for more about “Adrian,” see below.)

UPDATE: In an email interview after this was posted, the “Adrian” in the chat identifies himself as Adrian Smith, higher-education technology worker who moved from Wisconsin to New Jersey  with his wife and three children in September.

He wrote:

“After a recent job transition, my family needed to make an informed decision about healthcare options for the approaching year. After repeated registration problems, I was able to create a account on October 11 and began the tedious process of entering specific personal information about our family. Each page resulted in a long wait before being able to proceed. At some point in the process it appeared that our family information became corrupted and I was unable to proceed with the family profile.

“When I reached out to the online chat function for assistance, I was professionally greeted by a customer service representative named ‘Dean.’ At this point, I had hope for a resolution that would allow me to see the pricing and coverage information my family needed. Unfortunately, the chat experience was as frustrating as creating my account. ‘Dean’s’ responses made little sense, were at times comical, and did not provide the help I needed. Ultimately, I lost faith in and made the decision to pursue alternate options for the healthcare needs of my family.”

He “lost faith in”

Could anyone put it better?

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