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‘Sham-Wow’: HealthCare.gov quote page ‘incredibly misleading’

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The Obama administration’s efforts to improve HealthCare.gov, the website tasked with handling the insurance exchange for the Affordable Care Act, has actually made things worse.

The White House announced the addition of a “shop and browse” feature to its website Sunday, but the prices it quotes are vastly underestimated, according to CBS News.

CNS reported Wednesday:

As President Obama promises to fix HealthCare.gov, his administration is touting what it calls “improvements” in design, specifically a feature that allows you to “See Plans Now.” White House press secretary Jay Carney has said, “Americans across the country can type in their zip code and shop and browse.”

But CBS News has learned the new “shop and browse” feature often comes with the wrong price tags.

Industry analysts, such as Jonathan Wu, point to how the website lumps people only into two broad categories: “49 or under” and “50 or older.”

Wu told CBS that it’s “incredibly misleading for people that are trying to get a sense of what they’re paying.”

Before adding features to HealthCare.gov, it may be wise for the administration to direct its activities to fixing what they already have.

Speaking Monday in the Rose Garden, President Obama delivered what some pundits have described as a Sham-Wow infomercial, complete with a repeat of an 800 number to call (call now while supplies last!), and the Twitterverse picked up on this theme:

“The product is good – its high quality and affordable – people can save significant money,” said Obama, according to The Washington Post.

But just like the infomercial pitch, apparently those “affordable” prices don’t include, shipping, handling or batteries.

Watch the news coverage from CBS.


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