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Cavuto: Stop offensive comparisons, ‘Mr. President, you’re no Apple’

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Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 6.12.25 AMIn one of his best opening segments, Fox News’ Neil Cavuto used the unveiling of Apple’s new iPad Air Wednesday to obliterate President Obama and all those in his administration who have ever compared the disastrous healthcare rollout to launches of new Apple products.

Cavuto’s tirade asking how in the world Obama can compare the healthcare law to “anything Apple does,” had his staff in the control room laughing out loud.

Before introducing his guest, former Apple CEO John Sculley who was in disbelief that Obama asked people to “pick up the phone and call a call center…that’s like going back to the middle of the 20th century” to get help getting Obamacare, Cavuto listed example after example of how “Mr. President, you’re no Apple.”

“Apple stuff is cool, this healthcare thing, is not,” Cavuto began.

He continued:

When Apple launches something new, people stand in line to get it. When the government launched this healthcare thing, folks couldn’t even get online and so they said ‘the hell with it.’

Apple has a rare screw up, it fixes it and fast. The government is a total screw up and just makes the problem worse.

Apple creates stuff people don’t even need, but they want. The government creates stuff that says people need, but they do not want.

One is a piece of marketing perfection. The other just a piece of…

Sculley, a master of  launching new products, noted that Apple has competitors for its products forcing it to keep a forward vision and innovation, of which Obamacare and the government can’t even compare.

The failed Obamacare rollout is so bad, Sculley said, “This ought to be a Harvard Business School case history of how not to launch your most important product, your signature event.

In the private sector, “heads would roll,” but in the government, nothing will happen, it’s just business as usual, Sculley said.

Watch here via Fox News:


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