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Bullying charge filed against football coaches for scoring too much

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A 91-0 ending score at a Texas high school football game Friday night led to a parent of a player on the losing team to file a bullying charge against the victors’ entire coaching staff.

There was little doubt what the outcome of the game would be. The Aledo, Texas Bearcats were undefeated and had a history of running up scores when they met Western Hills High out of Ft. Worth. But the parent filing the complaint apparently felt that the Bearcats’ coach should have told his players to take it easy, according to CBS11 Dallas-Ft. Worth. http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2013/10/21/parent-files-bullying-complaint-after-lopsided-football-score/

“I would never ask our kids not to play hard,” said Aledo football coach Tim Buchanan. “I would never tell them, ‘Go out and let them score’. That’s not what you want to teach kids.”

However, the winning coach did let up a bit after halftime. CBS11 reported:

Buchanan said by halftime, when his team was up 56 points, he began actively trying to keep the score down, subbing in backup players, letting the clock run continuously, and instructing players to make fair catch calls.

“You don’t want to embarrass… I’ve been on the other side of those scores. In 2011, Lake Travis scored 62 points on us. That doesn’t feel good. It doesn’t make the kids feel good,” said Buchanan.

But bullying? Really? The complaint filed against the Alido coaching staff reads:

My son plays for western hills football team on friday night we all witnessed bullying firsthand, it is not a pretty sight.  Picking up my son from the field house after the game and taking him home was tough, I did not know what to say on the ride home to explain the behavior of the aledo coach for not easing up when the game was in hand. After thinking about my ride home, I thought how tough it must have been for the parents of the aledo football players to explain what happened to their sons on the ride home.  During the game the aledo players showed respect to my son and I thank them for their good sportsmanship.  I wish the aledo players good luck this season and hope they have a successful school year.I wish their parents don’t have to explain this ride home again.

Competition drives a thriving economy, with each company in a given industry competing for a greater market share. They do so by cutting costs, making a better product and offering better service.

I can’t help but wonder what kids learn from complains like the one filed. If you run Apple Computer, do you hold back on your next product out of fear that Compaq will file a bullying complaint? Does Verizon hold off expanding its 4G network to give T-Mobile a chance to catch up?

Watch the CBS11 news report.

And here’s the reaction from students at the losing team, also from CBS11.

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