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Al Sharpton co-host calls Ben Carson ‘black racial hit man’ for GOP

Earl Ofari Hutchinson
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Earl Ofari Hutchinson, a charter member of the civil rights grievance industry, called Dr. Ben Carson a “black racial hit man” for conservative views.

A regular co-host on Al Sharpton‘s radio show, Hutchinson said Carson was a figure who can say controversial things that “white GOPers” can’t say because they’ll be branded racist.

In effect, he is suggesting that the former director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University is incapable of independent thought.

Critics will point to the irony of a person mired in the group-think mentality of the far left, still enslaved on the liberal plantation, accusing an accomplished black man such as Carson of being a mouthpiece for white Republicans.

“Let’s put a black face… on all the dirt, all the muck, all the grime, everything we can think of negative that the GOP has made their stock and trade the last few years,” Hutchinson said. “Let’s put some black faces, maybe some Latino faces, but especially black faces out there, because we know how African Americans think about — and rightly so — the GOP.”

Saying “Ben Carson fits into the plan,” Hutchinson added that he’s “almost tailor-made to be the stalking horse, to say stupid things, to say dumb things, but more importantly, to say very,very pointed things.”

“In other words, he’s almost—no, not almost, he is the black racial hit man,” Hutchinson said. “Essentially he can say things that a lot of white GOPers, conservatives, don’t feel comfortable saying, because if they say it they’ll be branded racist.”

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