State Dept. to AP: ‘We can use whatever definition of transparency we want’

Associated Press reporter Matthew Lee repeatedly questioned the administration’s continued lack of transparency at a press briefing Monday, until State Department deputy press secretary Marie Harf finally said, “we can use whatever definition of transparency we want.”

Lee kept hammering Harf on the issue of secrecy, notwithstanding President Obama’s early promise that his would be the most transparent administration in recent history. The reporter even said it was developing a reputation as “an Orwellian Big Brother type outfit,” according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Each time he did so, Harf nibbled around the edges of his question without really addressing it.

When Harf eventually took issue with Lee’s characterizations, Lee pointed out that she repeatedly refused to confirm or deny reports about the State Department.

“How is that transparent?” he asked.

“Well, I think we can use whatever definition of ‘transparent’ we want,” she answered.

Her reply is reminiscent of Bill Clinton’s “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is,” during his 1998 grand jury testimony on the Monica Lewinsky affair.

This isn’t the first time the outspoken AP reporter has locked horns with State Department press secretaries.

In May, Lee asked if the Obama administration had learned to love waterboarding.

A few months later he asked if the White House had undergone a group spinal removal procedure.

And most recently, a simple question on Benghazi prompted an illogical series of responses from Harf that made the exchange sound like something out of an Abbott and Costello routine.

Watch the Q/A below:

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3 thoughts on “State Dept. to AP: ‘We can use whatever definition of transparency we want’

  1. follis1 says:

    Another Obummer brown noser!!!

  2. bvdees says:

    the trick is to hire star-struck young just-out-of-college talking heads to stick to the script no matter what. That’s what young ideologues do, Matt. But I admire your tenacity! Maybe you’ll get a real answer one day…

  3. John Craig says:

    Her and Carney are probably dating, but they need to watch Obamas finger holes in and around the Butt area so they don’t end up on the podium at the same time! You know they are his puppets who he tells what to say and what to answer when questions are asked. If the questions asked don’t have answers they just grab their answer sheet and walk off!

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