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Listen to Hannity’s on air call into Obamacare hotline

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Sean Hannity was able to speak to an Obamacare hotline operator Monday who willingly answered questions for him on the air during his radio show.

His first question to the pleasant operator Erling Davis was to see if she noticed an increase in call volume considering President Obama gave the hotline number out during his remarks on problems with the rollout Monday afternoon.

Her answer may surprise you, but probably not.

Hannity asked Davis if she hears complaints from people unable to get on to the website.

“Yes, sir, and I understand your frustration,” she said. ”We get calls like this everyday, but we just encourage people to not give up and just try until you get in.”

To Hannity’s delight, Davis read the script call center operators read to people experiencing difficulties with the website.

“They told us there is a script for everything,” Davis told Hannity. “So we just type in key words and look up that script and then we read it to the consumer.”

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Listen here via RealClear Politics:


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