Cavuto: Obamacare ‘coughing up blood,’ GOP could win without firing a shot

Fox News host Neil Cavuto delivered a five-minute monologue about the Obamacare website debacle, saying it is “not just stumbling and bumbling — it is crashing and burning.”

Cavuto, using an ”X-Men” theme on his Monday “Your World” show, said the GOP could end up winning the Obamacare battle without firing a shot because “this thing is coughing up blood faster than it is coughing up cash.”

Due to “the millions of Americans who can’t sign up, the exchanges that have no idea what’s up, the young Americans who still can’t fathom why their costs are up,” Cavuto said the president should cut his losses and save his “heiny and legacy.”

Using language he thought the president might appreciate, Cavuto said Obama would never join a country club with the waiting times and paperwork Obamacare applicants have to put up with.

He finally got around to asking his guest, pediatric urologist Dr. Hal Scherz, if it might be time to, at the very least, delay Obamacare.

“I think President Obama should take a mulligan on this,” Scherz replied.

Watch the monologue and interview on the Fox News video.

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