Hitler loses it over Obamacare exchange disaster
Hitler loses it over Obamacare exchange disaster

Yeah, I know, liberals will think this is offensive. Here’s a surprise, I don’t care what they think. Watch military kids stop playing, snap to attention out […]

Asian-American band sues government to trademark name ‘The Slants’

An Oregon band of Asian-American musicians that plays for Asian-American crowds has been turned down in its efforts to trademark its name by a U.S. Patent Office […]

Brother vacuums sister’s face
Brother vacuums sister’s face

I did a lot of crummy stuff to my sister when I was a kid, but I never vacuumed my sister’s face while she was sleeping. I’m […]

Jewish star
Latest Pew Research Study: A Portrait of Jewish Americans

America’s Jewish population is declining, and religion is becoming less important to overall Jewish identity. Those are just two of the fascinating conclusions reached in a Pew […]

Butt-tweet dubbed ‘only honest tweet from a Democrat in history of Twitter’

U.S. Sen.Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., posted an usual tweet on Monday that she came back and identified as a “ tweet.” Out here in flyover country, we have […]

Schumer bill seeks to cut Congress, give president sole power over debt limit

U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer said he intends to propose legislation that will transfer the power to raise the debt ceiling from Congress and give it to the […]

Si and Phil robertson
Duck Dynasty star says ‘it ain’t gun control we need; it’s sin control’

America’s favorite multimillionaire family has turned the reality television genre on its head with an infusion of traditional conservative values thousands upon thousands of viewers have thanked […]

State Dept. to AP: ‘We can use whatever definition of transparency we want’

Associated Press reporter Matthew Lee repeatedly questioned the administration’s continued lack of transparency at a press briefing Monday, until State Department deputy press secretary Marie Harf finally […]

Jon Stewart smurf
Jon Stewart delivers funniest smackdown of Obamacare rollout ever

Comedian Jon Stewart to to the Daily Show on Monday to iver a scathingly funny takedown of President Obama’s “signature achievement.” And his scathing review of the […]

France and Mexico join world outrage over NSA spying

America’s southern neighbor and its oldest ally in Europe are expressing outrage traitor Edward Snowden’s latest revelations to major European newspapers that the National Security Agency recorded […]

Leno targets disastrous rollout of Obamacare in opening monologue

“A friend of mine was given six months by his doctor… not to live, to sign up for Obamacare.” That was the first of Monday night’s […]

Miss World says she’s against abortion, divorce, and pre-marital sex

Megan Lynn Young, the first woman representing the Philippines to be crowned Miss World, has some old-fashioned opinions on , sex and marriage that would make her […]