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Greta responds: Chris ‘Matthews may be for sale, I am not’

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gretaHaving moved to the 7 p.m. time slot, Fox News host Greta Van Susteran blasted her new rival at MSNBC Friday, saying Chris Matthews may be for sale, I am not.

The comment was in response to an interview Matthews did with Ora.TV host Larry King where he admitted that hosts on the pro-Obama network are under “group pressure” to display a more liberal slant in their views.

“I just read something that stunned me,” Van Susteran wrote in a blog post on Friday. “I am stunned because, while no one has ever told me in 11 1/2 years what to say — I would walk out and those who know me know that to be true — I have also not been weak to some amorphous ‘group pressure.’”

“Matthews may be weak and worried about his job –  but I am not weak, and never have been,” she said. “Matthews may be for sale, I am not.”

Greta scoffed at what she called “scaredy cats who hate Fox and think that there is some giant conspiracy inside Fox where we anchors gather in some dark room and are told what to say.”

She was quick to point out that in her 11 1/2 years with the network “that has never happened,” adding that it also didn’t happen in her nearly 10 years with CNN.

“I suppose the truth – as opposed to the slurs – doesn’t make for good copy, won’t sell, won’t create that sought after buzz that people think enhances their careers,” she wrote.  “Hence stuff is made up.”

Van Susteran then gave viewers all the reason they need to choose her over the blather-mouth at MSNBC, as if a reason is needed:

“It makes no difference if it does actually happen or not –  it is in Chris Matthews’ mind that it does.  Hence his views and questions and statements – are poisoned.  You are not getting pure facts or conviction from him — you are getting showbiz and manipulation.”

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