Ben Carson defends comment, Obamacare is ‘worse thing’ since slavery

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On his NewsOne radio show Friday morning, host Roland Martin confronted Dr. Ben Carson over recent comments comparing Obamacare to slavery, words the neurosurgeon and author did not back away from.

“Obamacare is really, I think, the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery,” Carson said early this month while speaking at the Values Voter Summit.

Noting that atrocities like Jim Crow arose after slavery, Martin asked him, “Did you go too far?”

“That’s my opinion,” Carson responded. “First of all, I recognize that slavery was a horrible thing. He then pointed out that some say he has no idea what slavery was like, before accurately stating “none of us actually do.”

“I realize how horrible it was … I didn’t say this is “as bad” as slavery, I said this is the worst thing since slavery.”

“Which includes Jim Crow,” Martin interrupted.

“Yes, absolutely,” Carson answered. “This nation was founded on the principle that it would be a new type of nation, that was for, of, and by the people.”

“A constitution was put in place that would assure that the people remain at the pinnacle of power and that the central government would never reach the point where it had control of the people,” he continued. [Obamacare] fundamentally changes the relationship.”

Martin pushed back with standard Democratic talking points that make the preposterous claim that government controlled healthcare “empowers the individual.”

Carson said the Affordable Care Act “places the government at the pinnacle. Now it’s placed on a road to control your health … and I think most of us are asleep at the wheel. We don’t realize what’s happening.”

“This is only the beginning,” Carson warned. “What you will see is that a lot of the insurance companies will begin to fold… Ultimately we’ll have a single-payer system if we don’t stop this from happening.”

Which has been the ultimate goal all along for President Obama and the now decidedly far-left Democratic Party.

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Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


40 thoughts on “Ben Carson defends comment, Obamacare is ‘worse thing’ since slavery

  1. EliseR says:

    Yep, people getting healthcare is way worse than WWII and 9-11

    1. klaffner says:

      Really? People don’t get health care now? The issue is not whether or not people get health care. The issue is the over riding importance of health care to everyone and the nature of what ObamaCare does to the delivery of health care. ObamaCare does fundamentally change the relationship between the govt and the individual. You and I and every other individual will be totally TOTALLY reliant on government bureaucrats. Do you recall the Obama comment at a town hall. When a woman asked if her elderly mother would be able to get that new hip. Obama talked about how it might be preferable to ‘take a pill’ He said it with no irony. He was perfectly ok with a heath care apparatchik deciding that the woman was too old for a hip. I think Carson has it about right.

      1. Cobra says:

        So you’re saying we should be “totally reliant” on for-profit health insurance corporations? You have THAT much faith in a business model that by design, makes more profit by denying claims?



    2. JKGusicas says:

      Yep, people, young people especially, being forced to support the liberal fantasy of free healthcare, which will turn out to be no where near free, but actually will cost more, will reduce the choice and access far more than the advertised unicorns that have been a)sold and b)bought by you and your ilk.

      And that is bondage. Forced contribution, by tax, not be penalty. Forced participation, with threat of confiscation of property. You don’t pay, your wages will be seized. You don’t pay, a lien will be assessed to your home (should you own one). The full hammer of the IRS is there to ensure compliance. And you and your band of unicorn chasers accept this as good.

      For the grand majority of those under 30, they will be penalized with the poison that many voted for. The ultimate irony for the low information voter and the koolaid kids such as yourself.

      1. Nancy Beavens Kachel says:

        All this said and I agree, but do not forget that our young people also will be supporting the illegal immigrants, that at this time have no health care, what is that about 11 million, they are already on food stamps, get seen at hospitals, and getting an education, yes you are going to tell me they pay taxes, how are they paying taxes, with illegal documents, I am sorry to say it what does it do for the immigrant that has come to this country the right way, the legal way, lets face it we are all immigrants in this country, but once you start illegals to get in the country any way, and that is exactly what it means illegal, then I can go out and do something illegal and expect my health care,food,and education to be paid, after all it was illegal, or does it not mean the same for me

        1. Cobra says:

          Nancy, the main reason undocumented workers come here is because there are AMERICAN BUSINESS OWNERS who can’t wait to hire them for less money and without the benefit of healthcare in the first place. Go to the swanky restaurant on Main Street and peek back into the kitchen. Tell me who you see washing dishes, or busing tables. Tell me who waxes the floor at night in your local big box store or the mall.


          1. peskietruth says:

            And those resturant owners are breaking the law arent they ? By Highering undocumented workers? or are the workers breaking the law making it harder for legal residents to get jobs because they get forged documents and if you really want to get interesting, about it they actually cause a decline in wages for legal workers because they will take any job at any pay.

          2. Cobra says:

            That’s business 101, my friend. Profit is always the first, last and sole priority. That’s why government has to REGULATE. Most conservatives can’t admit that.

          3. InvidiaAbsit AKA 800LbGorilla says:

            An untrue and narrow minded summary.

          4. Cobra says:

            Define the first rule of business, and the only reason business exists.


          5. InvidiaAbsit AKA 800LbGorilla says:

            Fill a need…

          6. JKGusicas says:

            And what businesses have you run? Learned your skills at the OWS sit-ins?

          7. David G. Wilson says:

            How many Americans want to perform those jobs that illegal aliens do?

        2. David G. Wilson says:

          Illegal aliens are NOT beneficiaries of the AHCA!

      2. David G. Wilson says:

        If you want to drive a car in the USA, you are mandated to buy insurance to cover the possibilty of accidents. So, if you are going to be sick, at some point, why shouldn’t you be mandated to buy insurance so that the Government not be forced to pay for your care when you show up injure or sick at a hospital emergency center?

    3. JKGusicas says:

      “Your healthcare premiums will go DOWN by and average of $2500”. Yes, that would be the sales pitch that you bought, yet the reality isn’t close to the out and out lie. Yet, the unicorn chasers don’t much care.

      Here come the DNC talking points in 3…2…1…

    4. HonestToAtee says:

      No, Obamacare aka Commiecare is a nightmare.

    5. Nell says:

      Healthcare is one thing –bankrupting America and running all of the doctors away is putting and pushing us towards a slavery type of living where they tell us what we can get for medical care of not!!! I for one do not want someone telling me how to take care of my health !!! That is un-American and so far not doing anything they said it would do!!! I am afraid that too many are confused on this issue and we will pay dearly for it!!

  2. Press Watchusa says:

    I would love to see the Dr. in a debate with anyone on the other side!

    1. Cobra says:

      I’ll debate that hustler anytime anywhere with that joke of an argument on slavery.

      When Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson was the “Black flavor of the month” for conservatives, he was THANKING White people for slavery. At least Carson has walked that back a bit…but it’s still early for him.


  3. hallwoman says:

    I believe the main point Dr. Carson makes is that when a professional (like a doctor) has to work for a reduced rate (like the medicare rate) against his will (like under Obamacare) then he is in effect, a slave to the state, that is, the state has STOLEN his labor. Labor against your will is the very definition of slavery folks. When a person makes a contract with his employer (like Johns Hopkins) he expects the contract to be upheld. That is the basis of civilization. But now under Obamacare, that contract is subject to change by a the GOVERNMENT, which is to say, Kathleen Sebelius and her ilk. Dr. Carson is said to pray before he operates. Let’s hope God listens to the rest of us as well.

    1. Cobra says:

      So you’re taking it the next step and saying that “Medicare” is the “worst thing to happen to America since slavery?”

      Why don’t you see Republicans run on the platform of DEFUNDING and REPEALING Medicare? (And the Paul Ryan-let’s just defund and privatize medicare with vouchers for people not yet receiving it may be fiendish in and of itself, but it’s not the same argument.)


      1. Nell says:

        Not at all cobra– You apparently do not know that we had to pay that as a tax also and it was not to be made available for them to use but for people that paid into it for our retirement!! Now since Johnson years the gov, has “borrowed” from there and now we are being told that this is broke because they found a way to line their pockets with our retirement monies and lately they have also managed to take away others pensions as well –but we still pay them their raises and retirement for life!!! How do you think this is good for us????

        1. Cobra says:

          Pensions? You mean that thing UNIONS fought for and Corporations want to ELIMINATE? You apparently don’t know who’s fighting for employees in this country.

  4. Jean Nelson says:

    I wish people would listen to him. He is a smart man and does speak the truth

  5. Si Simmons says:

    Roland Martin SHUT DOWN Ben Carson’s answer !!

    1. Jan McMullen says:

      Roland Martin is a FAR LEFT TALKING HEAD! Who makes NO real points, just try to demonize his guests!

  6. Robert Wheeler says:

    I agree with Ben, it’s a little radical but ObamaCare is pretty radical on it’s face. The government can’t even run a post office. Imagine what they will do with healthcare! Goodness. The senate speaker done admitted they want a single payer system and you mark my words nobody is going to like that. Well a few might but realistically speaking this is on a path to socialized medicine. It won’t be good and won’t be affordable.

  7. HonestToAtee says:

    Dr. Ben Carson is a great human and a great man, he saved the life of my best friends Son many years ago, and that was even before Obamacare which according to the Communists who promote it, is the only way we can get healthcare coverage.

  8. Blackswamp says:

    My opinion is Ben Carson’s statement is as ignorant as the statements agreeing with him. Ben Carson probably made this statement because he believes this new legislation may cut deep into his profits and what he can charge for his services. That $30,000 surgery may only cost $10,000 now. Meanwhile, as we ponder socialism, so what do we do with all those people that don’t have healthcare, that utilize the emergency rooms each day in every city in the US for minor ailments? Visits that cost excessively more than a doctor office visit would cost. Who pays for that? Should we all not have healthcare and just go to the emergency rooms? Will Ben treat us at no charge?

    1. Cobra says:

      They don’t care about the facts.Most of these right wingers will believe anything any charismatic nut with a good suit and a microphone tells them.


      1. JKGusicas says:

        So you’re saying the only difference between most of these right wingers and yourself is you require your ‘charismatic nut” to have a TELEPROMPTER?

        1. Cobra says:

          So you’re saying that the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, which resulted in more DEATHS than the Holocaust, and saw MILLIONS of people kidnapped, tortured, raped and forced to work hard labor in shortened lives is on some kind of par with getting citizens access to affordable health insurance coverage?



          1. JKGusicas says:

            No, I’m saying your charismatic nut of choice has a teleprompter.

          2. Cobra says:

            Every President in the television era used a teleprompter. POINT?

          3. JKGusicas says:

            You’re current charismatic nut can’t get by without one – even in front of 6th graders. But that’s not the point, the point is YOUR charismatic nut is the one that requires a teleprompter. And without the teleprompter, he loses his charisma rapidly. But he is YOUR charismatic nut.

    2. JKGusicas says:

      Ummm…you do know the Dr. Carlson has quit his practice. So what was that you were saying about his profits?

    3. Nell says:

      You really think this administration is going to give you anything free -then you are living in a dream world!!

      1. Cobra says:

        gee, 6 Presidential debates and elected twice…comfortably. Try again, snappy.

      2. Cobra says:

        You really think corporations love you and look out for your best interest,

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