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Oops . . . MSNBC airs photo of wrong Foley

Tom Foley
Former House Speaker, Tom Foley

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While reporting on the death of Former House speaker and Democratic congressman from Washington State Tom Foley, MSNBC used a photo of Mark Foley, the former Republican U.S. representative from Florida who resigned in disgrace in 2006.

Tom Foley, 84, was under the care of hospice since suffering a stroke last December. He served six years as speaker, from 1989 to 1995, which was when Republicans took the House in 1994.

Mark Foley, 59, is the man who resigned amidst a scandal where he allegedly sent sexually explicit instant messages and emails to male congressional pages.

According to Politico, MSNBC issued an on-air apology for the error Friday afternoon.

Watch the report here:


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