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MSNBC deceptively edits video; distorts coverage of Million Vets March

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MSNBC was caught inventing the news last week, when the “Rachel Maddow Show” used deceptively edited video and even misstated the facts to fit a much more liberal narrative.

The report called the Oct. 13 Washington, D.C., Million Vet March a tea party event, which Maddow said had racial overtones, according to the video and the video and the Western Center for Journalism.

The video of a confrontation between a demonstrator and the police was edited in a way that suggested it was initiated by the protester when it was not. Maddow also claimed the police were working without pay that day, which they were not

Is it any wonder that Megyn Kelly at Fox News destroyed Maddow in the ratings for the 9:00 p.m. time slot, a fact later verified by Neilsen Ratings.

Watch the video report.

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