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Man’s ‘Obama-scare’ Halloween decorations create drive-by buzz

Photo Credit WCNC.com

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Never discount the ingenuity of the American people in the face of adversity, and when it comes to Obamacare — or shall we say Obamascare — it doesn’t get much more adverse.

As reported by the local NBC affiliate, it’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween on John Mazur‘s front lawn.

Along with traditional black, white and orange decorations associated with Halloween, “you’ll see the spooky décor has a decidedly different message,” NBC Charlotte reporter Dion Lim said.

According to the report, Mazur is using the opportunity to get his views on the new health care law out to the world.

“Everything hit the fan on October first. I’m seeing the cost for my staff going up. Their health plan goes up 37% this year,” Mazur told WCNC.

Mazur said the feedback has been mostly positive and he insists he’s not a political activist, just a dad concerned about his family and his business.

Speaking of American ingenuity, NBC Charlotte tweeted a link to the story which was picked up by the savvy team at Twitchy.com, along with a few responses:

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