‘Blind Side’ mom, nation, inspired by Florida teen’s plea for a family

Leigh Anne Tuohy, the real-life mom portrayed by Sandra Bullock in “The Blind Side,” said the Florida teen who went to a church in search of an […]

Obama administration aims for ‘national ridicule’ of Catholics, lawsuit argues

The Obamacare contraception mandate is part of a deliberate plan to attack and marginalize Catholic beliefs “by holding them up for ridicule on the national stage,” according […]

Rubio: Arbitrary Obamacare enforcement breeds distrust for immigration reform

President Obama has spoiled the well for immigration reform with his administration’s arbitrary handling of Obamacare, Sen. Marco Rubio said Sunday. In an appearance on “Fox News […]

GOP rep gives book on impeaching Obama to 435 House members

Some strong reading material has been recommended to all members of the House. “Republican Texas Rep. Steve Stockman, arranged to have a book calling for President Obama’s […]

‘Who’s the whore now?’ Bashir brutally badgers tea party guest

That British moralist and MSNBC anchor Martin Bashir is up to his mainstream rhetoric again. He went after self proclaimed tea party activist and writer Larry Klayman […]

Sylvia Burwell
WH can’t say Obamacare site will be fixed by deadline

How bad is the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchange website? Bad enough that the Obama administration won’t say whether things will be fixed in time for […]

San Antonio gun rally
‘Come and take it’: Texas gun rights supporters rally at Alamo

Hundreds of gun rights supporters turned out at a rally on Alamo Plaza on Saturday afternoon – many bringing their rifles and shotguns with them. “A rifle […]

Oprah scorns Obamacare over feud with Michelle, biographer says

The Oprah Winfrey–Michelle Obama feud is in a deep freeze, and America is better off for it. Relations between the Obamas and the woman who helped introduce […]

muslim baby, Quran
Allen West disturbed by billboard signs: ‘Find Jesus in the Quran’

Former Congressman Allen West said the road to “Islamic totalitarianism” is being paved by progressive socialism and secular humanism, according to a column he wrote Saturday. On […]

D.C. police providing illegal firearms for gun-grabbers’ PR stunt

Washintgton, D.C., police have no problem breaking the law when it comes to liberal causes. The same agency that denied a permit to the group 2 Million […]

Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller to businesses: Fire Obama supporters, they’ll understand 

Famed SNL star and radio personality Dennis Miller has a strong take on what should happen when Obamacare starts hurting businesses, according to an Oct. 17th radio […]

‘Look, it’s either me or the idiot’: Campaign slogans for Hillary emerge

The bold Drudge headline screams  “She jumps back in,” a play on the stump speech Hillary Clinton gave Saturday in support of friend Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic nominee […]