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See which network ran headline ‘GOP Flubs ObamaCare Launch’

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It’s no longer enough that President Obama continues to use George W. Bush as a scapegoat for the 60 percent rise in the national debt, sluggish economic growth and dismal unemployment figures. Now the left is blaming the GOP for the fiasco that is HealthCare.gov, Obamacare’s insurance exchange website.

We got a hint of what was to come Friday morning, when the news ticker running at the bottom of the screen during MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” read, “GOP Flubs ObamaCare Launch.”

Most people pay little or no attention to those headlines during news programs, but self-described “GOP media guy” Rick Wilson does. His eagle eyes picked it up right away, and he tweeted:



OK, so apparently the guys in the control booth had a good laugh at the Republicans’ expense. It got some play by the conservative media throughout the day, mainly from Twitchy, NewsBusters and The Blaze.

Liberal Fox News political analyst Juan Williams must have taken note, because when he made his all-star panel appearance on “Special Report” Friday night, he was loaded for bear.

He agreed that problems persisted but said, “to be fair to the Obama administration and to Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of Health and Human Services, Republicans have not provided the money that they asked for, in terms of this rollout.”

Syndicated columnist and Fox News regular Charles Krauthammer pounced.

“Juan, they spent half a billion dollars!” he said, adding that that amounts to three times what Apple spent developing the enormously popular iPad.

“Special Report” anchor Bret Baier also added that the iPhone was launched with $40 million — less than one-10th what the Obama administration spent on HealthCare.gov.

Fox News Media consultant Howard Kurtz probably summed it up best.

“It would be ironic if technological failure can accomplish what Ted Cruz could not,” he said.

Watch the exchange from Fox News.

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