Man gets jail for voting twice in 2012 presidential election

Who do you think he voted for?

A Milwaukee man was sentenced to six months in jail with work-release after pleading guilty to voting twice in the 2012 election, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

voterfraud1017Chad Gigowski, 28, told the judge he was drunk and high on Election Day morning when he used an old driver’s license to vote in the town of Greenfield, Wis., then voted again later in the day in Milwaukee, using a letter from the state’s Workforce Development Board as proof of his Milwaukee residence.

“The court will agree this is the most serious of all election fraud” offenses, Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf told the judge in the case. “Someone is seeking to dilute the vote of others…. It goes against the fundamental principle of one person, one vote.”

Gigowski was one of 10 people charged in May with crimes related to election fraud and one of two accused of voting more than once.

Among the others charged were a Milwaukee woman who was accused of signing a recall petition against Republican Gov. Scott Walker three times as well as the person collecting signatures on the petition.

In addition to the jail time, Gigowski will serve three years probation, the Journal-Sentinel reported. Any probation violations – including alcohol use — will put him behind bars for 18 months.

According to the Journal-Sentinel, Gigowski told Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Timothy Witkowiak he was not part of any organized scheme to fix the election. Apparently it was just something he felt like doing while drunk and stoned on a Tuesday morning.

Again, who do you think he voted for?

(Felons in Wisconsin aren’t eligible to vote until their probation’s up, so count one less Hillary ballot in the Badger State in 2016.)

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Joe Saunders

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7 thoughts on “Man gets jail for voting twice in 2012 presidential election

  1. copperpeony says:

    One person goes to jail as a scapegoat. What about the thousands and thousands of dead people and other people who bragged about voting 12 times and some even more.

    The system is broken. ID’s challenged by the gov, illegals voting etc etc. We’re now a banana republic

    1. robbiedobbs says:

      Good clothes at Banana Republic. Maybe a little over priced though

  2. Jeff Smith says:

    So that was a very small segment of a small population in the US. What about the other 49 states and DC – when will they investigate and prosecute election fraud and thuggery? Remember the Black Panthers in Philadelphia? Remember the Ohio precinct that “voted” 110% for Obama?

    1. AmyB123 says:

      To say nothing of the 157% turnout in Palm Beach County Florida…..

  3. Rob says:

    wow, that is real bad luck to be picked out of millions

  4. Brandon Johns says:

    Another example of how Obama managed to win a second term.

  5. Arden Hale says:

    Obama wouldn’t have won if it hadn’t been for voter fraud. It is highly doubtful if the illegal votes were taken away he would have won Ohio or Florida and Virginia is also highly suspect. Now would be an excellent time to expose this.

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