Fox reporter goes a round with Jay Carney on Benghazi; Carney walks out

When Fox News national security correspondent James Rosen questioned White House press secretary Jay Carney on Benghazi at Thursday’s daily briefing, things became so rancorous that Carney walked out.

Carney often accuses Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry of “playing to the conservatives” when he asks pointed questions. It was no different here.

Carney accused Rosen of “creating an exchange for Fox.”

“What we are engaged in here is for the record, not for Fox,” Rosen shot back.

Instead of answering Rosen’s follow-up question, Carney said, “James, I think we’re done here. Thank you,” and walked away from the podium.

Fox News reported in May that the Justice Department had been reading Rosen’s emails and had obtained his parents’ phone records after submitting a false affidavit. None of that makes for a congenial relationship between the reporter and the administration.

Still, the purpose of a free and independent press is to question and demand answers of the government.

Watch the C-Span video of the exchange.

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