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Stenographer dragged off House floor for biblical rant: ‘You can’t serve two masters!’

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As Wednesday night’s House vote to re-open the federal government and raise the debt ceiling came to a close, a Congressional stenographer had apparently heard enough and gave the chamber a piece of her mind.

She went to the well of the chamber, grabbed the microphone and began shouting what seemed to be Biblically-inspired rants, including, “He will not be mocked!” and, “The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under God! It never was!”

She also admonished the House members that “You cannot serve two masters!” and “A house divided must fall!”

The Twitterverse lit up:

According to the report from Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly, she was “described as a gentle soul.” After she was removed from the chamber, she was taken to the hospital for observation.

Watch Kelly’s report as well as the disturbance in the video from Fox News.

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