Stenographer dragged off House floor for biblical rant: ‘You can’t serve two masters!’

As Wednesday night’s House vote to re-open the federal government and raise the debt ceiling came to a close, a Congressional stenographer had apparently heard enough and gave the chamber a piece of her mind.

She went to the well of the chamber, grabbed the microphone and began shouting what seemed to be Biblically-inspired rants, including, “He will not be mocked!” and, “The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under God! It never was!”

She also admonished the House members that “You cannot serve two masters!” and “A house divided must fall!”

The Twitterverse lit up:

According to the report from Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly, she was “described as a gentle soul.” After she was removed from the chamber, she was taken to the hospital for observation.

Watch Kelly’s report as well as the disturbance in the video from Fox News.

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188 thoughts on “Stenographer dragged off House floor for biblical rant: ‘You can’t serve two masters!’

  1. Sulli159 says:

    God bless this woman. She has more courage that all the democrats and RINO congress members combined.
    During the Roman Empire, John the Baptist had his head sliced off for daring to speak out against the adulterous affair of a Roman governor, Jesus was crucified, along with his desciples and/or followers of Christ were thrown into the lion dens. Today they send you off to a psych ward to be reeducated or put on a DHS’ terrorists list.

  2. bodica says:

    Did someone ‘push’ her to get up and speak her mind so that Obama can now ban all Christians from the House? Megyn kallous is too ambitious and self centered to be objective; note how her speech slows down as she introduces the TALKING points… the ‘mental health issues…’ ‘ house secu ri ty’ etc.?

  3. RawManRaines says:

    And this is our fault personally because we own the government and are allowing it to do what it does. The solution is amazingly quite simple I just personally do not have the resources (Yet who knows?) to do it. The devil plays divide and conquer – we are conquered because we are divided – Our Father tells us in His instruction manual (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) that 2 cannot walk together unless they agree. So what is the solution? The Rep and Dem party is over – one side has blamed and accused the other from nearly the beginning, and we can see that this is the devil’s MO ~ we can also see it doesn’t work, unless we are blind of course! So we just need to change from the 2 divided parties that do not work and of course the other several parties do not either as they cannot figure out even how to compete (Because they are a part of the challenge not the solution otherwise they would have succeeded to some degree at least which they have not.) So we simply need to start the Human Party – The Human Party can all agree that atomic war and bastardizing the food chain is counter productive to our race and then we just work from there. With the biggest issue being homosexuality and drug use – let em have at it as long as they don’t infringe on my rights, because no one can legislate morality and just let G0d be the Judge. The point here is that if I start a business or any organization I can run it however I want as long as I am not hurting others or the environment. Boy Scouts are a great and perfect example. They should have said to the boy and his parents and friends – Look we started this and we are 75 years old so if you want the Boy Scouts to be different we suggest going and starting your own group because this one is ours and you have no right to make us change any more than we do to make you change we simply disagree and no one has the right to make us walk together, for in that will just be more trouble. Peace has a price and it is tolerance. As far as our main religion goes G0d says this – We should love one another to such a degree that the Yet to become apart of us (Potentially) should upon observing how we act – turn one to another saying “My, my look at how they love one another!” And that love would be irresistible! Like the love of me dying for my enemy… Because I loved them truly. I am not there yet personally but I am working on it! Love RawMan

  4. bsilano says:


  5. Katrina Martin says:

    praise be to god and no its impossible to serve two masters…. god knows obama is not mine….

  6. cezzwho says:

    I disagree that America “never was” One Nation Under God. This generation has surely dropped the ball. If this was Wendy Davis, she would have been applauded.

  7. goldengekko says:

    She was in the middle of hell and she could not stand it any longer. She knew the truth and she was and is right. The ones who say “speak for us” have fallen into the satanic spell of power, riches, sodomy, alcohol, drugs, etc. etc. etc. She knows it but at that time she was moved to say what she did. GOOD FOR YOU! You know the corruption and evil involved in those chambers.
    Thank you and may God Bless You and May God Bless the United States of America!

  8. sandy pierce says:

    She has more sense than any of the house idiots! They need to repent for all the sins they have committed against their citizens!
    This Fox commentator is an embarrassment! She needs help if she thinks this lady needs help. Kathy Brown, commenter below, has it exactly tight!

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