Should Adrian Peterson have a vasectomy?


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Much has been made in the liberal media about the tragic death of NFL Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s young son.

But there’s an underlying issue inherent in the Peterson story that’s not getting enough press: If a man has no intention of behaving like a father, maybe he should consider a vasectomy so can no longer spread his seed.

According to a New York Post report, Peterson may have as many as seven kids out of wedlock, with an unknown number of women. One of them, 2-year-old Tyrese, was beaten to death last week, reportedly by his mother’s boyfriend.

The boy’s death is heartbreaking. And unnecessary. Whoever is responsible for the death of this innocent child should be punished to the full extent of the law.

But where is Peterson’s responsibility – not in the death but in contributing to the life of the children he sires? It’s time that fathers like Peterson, who have no role in their children’s lives other than as sperm donors, be required to take some responsibility. Step up or go under the knife, so fatherless sons and daughters don’t have to risk spending their lives without a meaningful father figure.

Yes, men – particularly wealthy, successful men — have been siring children with women in every port for as long as there’ve been men and women. They say Genghis Khan has about 16 million descendants worldwide. That doesn’t happen when you spend all your time riding horses.

Children are born out of wedlock to parents of all races and ethnicities. But it seems to especially be a problem in the black community. That concept raises the hackles of liberals – black and white alike – but the numbers don’t lie. That’s how more than 70 percent of black children are born in this country.

Whatever Peterson does and with whom is his business. By most media accounts, he seems to have provided financially for his children — at least the ones he knows of, and that’s more than most absentee fathers do, white or black. But paying some of the bills isn’t the same as being a father.

It’s not leading anyone, or loving anyone, or teaching or guiding or protecting anyone.

Should Peterson have a vasectomy?

Maybe he’s not the only one.

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20 thoughts on “Should Adrian Peterson have a vasectomy?

  1. robbiedobbs says:

    Maybe the writer of this article should be a little more sensitive. You can discuss this topic, but perhaps using a different athlete would’ve been better. Peterson recently lost his son. Maybe Peja Stojakovic, or Mike Miller, or maybe even Oscar De La Hoya.

    1. linreis says:

      peterson didn’t know about the boy?…how about him being more sensible? If he can’t keep it in his pants he should take some responsibility for the outcome…he has 6 kids with 4 women and isn’t a father to any of them…

      1. robbiedobbs says:

        you missed the point of my post. He’s grieving. give the guy some time. use a different person. how about not attacking blacks who have children out of wedlock, but rather ALL PEOPLE who have children out of wedlock.

        1. Jmpr143 says:

          YOU missed the point..that was spoken to in the article about not just blacks have kids out of it. If you don’t have a valid argument throwing the race issue in and trying to make it stick is getting old! Peterson ‘s grieving?? Maybe he should act like it then!! How can he grieve for a child he barely, if at all, knew???? That’s not grief…that’s guilt!

          1. robbiedobbs says:

            again, how do you know he barely knew this child? are you personal friends of the family? secondly, the article says, “Children are born out of wedlock to parents of all races and
            ethnicities. But it seems to especially be a problem in the black
            community. That concept raises the hackles of liberals – black and white
            alike – but the numbers don’t lie. That’s how more than 70 percent of black children are born in this country”

            THat is clearly a shot at BLACK people. I didn’t bring up the race issue, the article did. maybe you should re-read it. but I know it doesn’t matter what I say. you will never change your opinion. once your generation is gone, the world will be a much better place.

          2. strawberrysboy says:

            If you’ve followed this story you would be aware that Petersen has said he knew nothing about the child until 2 months ago. Why are you so sensitive about this being a greater problem in the black community? That is simply a fact, period. If that’s where it is the worst, shouldn’t that be the place where the greatest effort is devoted?

          3. linreis says:

            why is it that race has to be a part of your comments? hmmmm….

          4. robbiedobbs says:

            it was the article that initially attacked blacks. I didnt START it

        2. linreis says:

          1. I SAID NOTHING ABOUT ‘BLACKS’ or made any attack on blacks, you did…
          2. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT PETERSON…and HIS lack of responsibility…simply because he can produce doesn’t mean he should…his ‘babymommas’ say he is good at sending money every month, but doesn’t see the children 6 OF THEM.

          3. everybody grieves in their own way, but his is questionable…we can’t say whether he is or not…the actions he has shown to all of his offspring says it best: and that is one of very little interest on his part.
          I don’t think I missed any part of your ‘point’ did I?

    2. Jmpr143 says:

      Well..maybe if he showed he actually cared that his child was killed people would be more sensitive..he seemed like it didn’t matter all that much to him.

      1. robbiedobbs says:

        how can you say that? how can you know anything about Adrian Peterson. From how it SEEMS?? what us wrong with you. you dont know anything about how he feels. this is exactly what is wrong with America now. everyone thinks they know everything about everything. have some humility and don’t assume anything. you 100% have no idea what this man feels because you are NOT him. It’s like if you had a child who died and I said, “yeah I know how she feels.” no i dont know how you feel, because I am not you. show some respect.

        1. linreis says:

          I haven’t had a child die, thank God…but I lot two life long pets last year and I know I didn’t want to leave the house the day after.

          Most folks are basing their opinions on his past, and his lack of interaction with his children, this two year old that he didn’t know he had, and never visited until the poor thing was comatose in the hospital, and his OTHER 6, that he rarely sees according to his ‘babymommas’…his accountant sends them money however…respect is reserved for those that actually deserve it.

  2. sickandtired says:

    That would not be my decision to say one way or another. Though there are many people that should be sterilized because they are too stupid to reproduce.

    1. robbiedobbs says:

      who gets to decide who is and is not sterilized?

  3. momoseven says:

    You can’t protect your children properly if you don’t live with them. …so tragic and it’s ALWAYS the innocent children that pay the price for irresponsible parents.

    1. Jmpr143 says:

      Well..he obviously didn’t want to live with him, or have much to do with him. It is sad that it’s the babies who suffer for the parents ignorance.

  4. Marti Settle says:

    Sleeping with that many women is obscene. He should have be castrated.

    1. Shirley Brooke says:

      Good idea. Actually the ladies holding him down would really enjoy watching that.

  5. Shirley Brooke says:

    You’d probably need a few women to hold him down while he is neutered.

  6. releggneh says:

    This is the craziest story I’ve ever heard. What about the guys that have 15 kids or more and they all live off of welfare and demand the taxpayers pay for them! Do the libs ever tell them they need to go under the knife!

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