Ex-Navy SEAL: Government provoking vets to bring on martial law

Former Navy SEAL Ben Smith participated in the “Million Vet March” last weekend, and on Tuesday he told Fox News’ he thinks the government is trying to provoke veterans into a situation where martial law may be used.

Smith told America’s Newsroom anchor Bill Hemmer the administration is going after vets’ Second Amendment rights, and have interfered with voting rights by not getting ballots to and from the military overseas. He referred to U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, who suggested using martial law to end the government shutdown last week.

“They want to discredit the military,” Smith said. “And get us to do something stupid, so they can lock us down.”

Hemmer asked Smith why he thought money was spent to close off the open-air memorials.

“It’s become a political war game,” Smith said.

Watch the interview here via Fox News:


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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.
Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


48 thoughts on “Ex-Navy SEAL: Government provoking vets to bring on martial law

  1. Ricky Ross says:

    This is why DHS ordered 9,000 armored mobile check points from a company called “Shelters Direct” in April 2012.

  2. Scott says:

    Even though we may not agree with President Obama. He is the president. IF people do not like the way things are going we need to get new people elected locally. Overthrowing the president is not the answer. We have a system in place so that we do not need a military cue. I deeply believe that it is wrong what the president did. Control is the biggest form of power. Self control in the face ignorance is the most in powering feeling that one can have. I am glad that the vets showed self restraint. It shows that they have class. Something obviously missing from the white house.

  3. Mr. Rachford's ire says:

    So now the video has been removed?

  4. billyjeff2 says:

    Wait a sec. The article clearly says that Rep Lee used the term”martial law” in it’s obscure meaning, which refers to a method of fast-tracking legislation, and you folks, being ignorant of the context of how the the phrase was being used, run an article warning about the imposition of martial law?? Can you be any more intellectually dishonest? My word!

  5. higgy01 says:

    The sociopath in the WH has initiated two executive orders which seem to reinforce what Ben Smith is saying. One allows him to declare martial law in the event of a peacetime emergency. He also gives himself the ability to say what is an emergency. The other basically gives the federal government the ability to essentially take control of all forms of communications in the United States in the event of an emergency. That sounds like the capability to form a dictatorship in this country. Tie that into the suspicion that all senior military leaders must take an oath that, if given the order, they will fire on US citizens and we have the very real possibility of a coup.

  6. disqus_bgOJC3kz9G says:

    Martial law? FEMA camps? Abolishing the Constitution?
    I’ve been hearing that non-sense for years. Even during the Bush years. Guess what? We’re still here. We still have the constitution, our guns and more freedom that most other nations. Obama has not curtailed any of our freedoms. He never proposed taking our guns away. he did push for some common sense regulations and a registration process which to me makes sense. Illegal mexicans shouldnt be allowed to loiter around gun shows in Texas with the ability to purchase assault rifles from Americans in the parking lot!!

    He may be President, but he is still one man. If he’s been the monster you all claim he is… why did he get re-elected? if nothing else, it was to prevent another Bush like President from catering to special interests, de-regulating big business (which lead to the crash of 08,09), and carrying out a shoot from the hip, cowboy style foreign policy. We the people gave obama his mandate by the mere fact that we voted for him. twice.

    We the people still have power. Dont believe me? Just wait until the voters kick out the hate mongers that make up the Tea Party out of office next congressional election.

    I used to be a republican. Back when I was naive. I’m an Independent now. Cant be a democrat either. As far as I’m concerned, the far left is no better than the far right. extremism in any form is bad for government. I believe the main reason you all hate on Obama so much is because he is black. Most of you are a bunch of racists.

    When Obama leaves office, the country will definitely be better off than when he started his job. And once he’s gone, then you will focus your hate on our next President, Hillary Clinton, and be waiting for her to take away our guns, declare martial law, ship us off in crates to FEMA camps, etc. When that doesnt happen, you will remember my words today. And you’ll be feeling like an idiot for wasting so much energy hating on others that dont share your extreme views…as opposed to just getting on with life. then I’ll turn around and call you all sexist, too! LOL!

    The biggest danger to this country is economic.Big business doing what they want, banking cartels and the derivatives bomb there are going to unleash, the Federal reserve with there unchecked money printing powers, special interest groups, and the morons in the electorate that keep voting there self serving representatives into office. And if you really think ANY president can control these groups… you’re even more naive that you realize. yet Obama has done more to keep these powers in check more than any other President in recent memory.

    I dont agree with some of his views. As a veteran and businessman I lean more towards the conservative column. But I overwhelmingly approve of the job he has done on multiple fronts. Three accomplishments stand out. Overhauling health care, which is long overdue. No, its not perfect. Yes, there will be bumps on the road, but its a real need for real people. And in the end it will be his greatest achievement. Americans wanted it. Thats why they voted for it. Congress passed it. The supreme court upheld it. get used to it. Better regulation of banks and wall street. Not an easy feat, but at least he acknowledges the problem and has tried to do something about it. And finally, his foreign policy approach. Nothing wrong with talking before shooting. I’ll take that over the shoot first, ask questions later approach republicans are so fond of. I can go on and on about many of his accomplishments. its all a matter of record. But I wont even bother trying, since you obama haters operate from an ideological & religious bias that totally contradicts the hard facts.

    And by the way, the executive orders granting the government the ability to re allocate the country’s resources in the event of a national emergency has been in place long before Obama came to power. The power to do so has been there all along. Anyone remember WW2?

    Finally, I saw the video of the ex-seal. Grateful he served our country. I have nothing but the greatest respect for our service members and vets. But politically speaking… he’s an idiot.

    Now I get to see how you guys reply to my comments, which will only re-enforce my belief that… you far right wingers are a bunch of freaks!

    1. anita caudillo says:

      what everyone doesn’t understand is that BO is playing CHESS. He is setting his pieces up in advance. Yes people hate him just because he is black but they are the few truly ignorant ones. I haven’t seen any racist remarks on this site. What I have seen is BO backers say “that if you didnt vote for BO you are a racist” and then Bo say “it’s not about race”, yet he never condemned the comments of his supporters. He is using tactics that other socialist/commies used to take over their countries SLOWLY but SURELY. The plus for him is Americans have been dumbed down by public schooling, TV and EVEN the internet. Where he has a problem is that there are families in our country that were raised to be vigilant against the enemy and to recognize the signs of tyranny AND we have taught our children to recognize it also. We are the ones sounding the alarm to WAKE UP before it’s too late because if it goes unchecked, MANY families who believe in JUSTICE EQUALITY PEACE and FREEDOM will be caught unready (if that ends up being you, don’t worry, we will still help you because we are all AMERICANS).
      Put our $ back on the GOLD standard, Put God back in school but more importantly put Him in your heart because He is the only One that can help you when it really matters.

  7. J C says:

    According to the US Patriot Act they don’t have to arrest you they can call you a terrorist detain you for a non specified amount of time and do whatever they feel necessary to do to you and keep you imprisoned without a trial all in the name of protecting us from terrorists…..I have news for people the real terrorists are in office in Washington DC.

  8. rob6065 says:

    Remember one thing folks. Obama was the chosen PUPPET for bringing down America. This “PLAN” has been in effect for a very long time. His handlers are I believe the CIA & George Soros along with the Banksters & Wall Street. They found there man who HATES Americans so his job is not emotionally effecting his judgment. King Obama is doing a great job so far of tearing America DOWN.

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