Obama says he’ll veto bill that mandates Obamacare for himself, Congress


President Barack Obama is reportedly telling congressional officials he will veto any debt-ceiling bill from Congress that includes the so-called Vitter amendment, which would make the Affordable Care Act applicable to senior executive branch officials, including the president and vice president.

The amendment, offered by U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-La., and supported by House Republican leaders, would also apply to Congress, according to Politico.

You might call the Vitter amendment the “eat the food you cooked, sleep in the bed you made” proposal.

“This is really about fairness, making sure that Washington is forced to live under the same train wreck of Obamacare that is forced on the rest of America,” Vitter said in a statement on his website. “It will take the policy makers in Washington walking in the same shoes as the millions of Americans to actually make real policy changes, and clean up the train wreck.”

Politico reported:

Obama brought up the issue of the so-called Vitter language unprompted, according to one of the sources. The president and congressional Democrats also discussed how to set caps for discretionary spending for next year given the possibility that a short-term spending bill could fund the government for only a few months, and their shared perception of a need to come up with a larger budgeting plan to avoid governing, as Obama often says, “from crisis to crisis,” the sources said.

While Obama said he would veto the Vitter language, he was “more irate” one of the sources said, over the Republican proposal to limit his ability to use tools referred to as extraordinary measures to avoid a default.

Perhaps Obama is happy with the insurance plan he already has and wants to continue seeing his doctors.

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215 thoughts on “Obama says he’ll veto bill that mandates Obamacare for himself, Congress

  1. R.H.P.jr. says:

    I love this country,and believe we need to come together and let the government that it “BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE” and we ALL are sick of the above the law politics of today. No more name calling and finger pointing… We want our Government to REPRESENT NOT RESENT…. I personally am tired of all the in fighting and bad politics. But this arguing on public forums is not the way to do it.. STAND UP band together or before we know it it will be too late.We are ALL AMERICANS and need to get along in these times!!

    1. R.H.P.jr. says:

      If there is enough of us standing together we can VETO the president’s policies. We have a voice still.. Look up your states Congressmen and senate leaderships and let em know…

  2. Independent Tom says:

    Liberals don’t believe in fairness unless they are claiming life is unfair to them.

  3. info bill says:

    The king knows what’s best for us and him! That’s why he knows how much we will enjoy the “free” healthcare he already has. Trouble is ours is not!

  4. Joe Jakkerton says:

    The funds will run out like Cash for clunkers did.

  5. Mindmech says:

    I would like to see the congress show some guts and courage as well as fortitude to over ride a veto just to remind Obama, Oprah and all the other A**O’S how a representative form of government works, if we haven’t already forgotten. Gutless wonders! As a coach of mine once said. They have the “creepin’ mocus” where all their blood turns to lead and goes to their a**.

  6. BOBRB52H says:

    Obama is a pro-Muslim anti-American Socialist and a full fledged liar to boot–he and Hilary Benghazi Clinton need to be arrested for perjury and treason.. Stop with the warm and fuzzy political correct crap–this pro-Muslim Huseen Obama is a traitor, an anti-American trying to socialize my country and he should be arrested immediately….Liars are not welcome–Obama lied, mislead the American people and this was all pre-meditated..

  7. BOBRB52H says:


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