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‘Maybe you need a calculator in DC’: Hannity debates debt ceiling

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Fox News host Sean Hannity challenged the rhetoric used by the White House and Democratic lawmakers in raising the debt ceiling when he invited congressmen with opposing views on his show to debate the issue.

With U.S. Reps. Steve King, R-Iowa, and Adam Smith, D-Wash., there for the debate, sparks flew mainly between Hannity and Smith over what he considered congressional irresponsibility, especially among Democratics.

King got things going be saying he was “shocked” when he learned that President Obama would purposely default on the nation’s debt obligations if a debt-ceiling measure weren’t agreed to by Oct. 17.

Hannity told Smith there would be no excuse for such a decision, given that the government takes in $220 billion a month, with interest on debt constituting a small percentage. To not “pay our debts and obligations is mathematically impossible,” he said, and the Oct. 17 cutoff date is “artificial — you know it, I know it.”

That prompted a lot of shouting between Hannity and Smith over the definition of “obligations.” Hannity said the country takes in plenty each month to service the debt and pay the military and mandatory expenditures such as Social Security.

“Maybe you need a calculator in D.C.,” Hannity said.

Watch the video via Fox News.

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