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Piers Morgan: Guns Save Lives Day ‘one of the most disgusting things’ ever

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piersmorgannewmugCNN host Piers Morgan is at it again in his on going campaign to undermine the right to bear arms in America.

During Monday’s show, Morgan turned his ire on guest Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, in an explosive discussion that centered on an event Gottlieb originally scheduled on the day of the first anniversary of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Guns Save Lives Day was first scheduled on Dec. 14, but has now been moved to the following day. The date was changed as a challenge to “the other side” not to hold political events in favor of gun control on the anniversary, according to MSNBC.

In the video, Morgan attempts to read a “final word” from the group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, when Gottlieb interrupted to note that this was “another gun control group.”

Morgan fired back: “Gun safety is a better phrase, isn’t it Mr. Gottlieb?”

“No, ‘gun safety’ is a misnomer, these people have never even shot a gun, they’ve never even been trained for safety,” Gottlieb answered.

As the exchange continues, Morgan takes his best shot, as captured in the transcript below, provided by Washington Free Beacon. Meanwhile, Gottlieb proved he’s more than a match for Morgan’s indignation:

MORGAN: What you did, Mr. Gottlieb in launching this campaign on the first anniversary of Sandy Hook is of the most disgusting I have had to witness ever witnessed and you should be ashamed of yourself.

GOTTLIEB: But your 50, 60, 70 anti-gun shows that you’ve done picking on the rights of gun owners is not disgusting, not picking on or polarizing anything, OK right? It’s OK for you to do it but it’s not ok for anyone else.

MORGAN: All right I’ve had enough of you. We’re moving on.

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