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Fox News’ Ed Henry explains why he walked out of press briefing

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Fox News’ chief White House correspondent Ed Henry went on the record to explain why he walked out of Friday’s press briefing after being ignored by Press Secretary Jay Carney.

Henry told colleague Brian Kilmeade Monday that he didn’t walk out of anger, rather, he had an appearance to do on Fox News’ “The Five.”

Henry explained that the press briefing started about three hours late and went on for about 40-minutes, but after being “skipped over” by Carney “several times,” he decided to leave so he wouldn’t miss his live shot on “The Five.”

Being “skipped over” – ignored – by the press secretary has never happened to him, Henry said, “under Republican or Democratic administrations.

Henry said it was “unfortunate” Carney didn’t call him, but he didn’t walk out in protest: “I have a job to do…I’m busy.”

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Listen to Henry explain here on YouTube:


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