School says transgender boy’s rights trump girls’ privacy in bathroom

transgender bathroom

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It’s a liberal world gone mad at one Colorado high school, where the rights of one transgender student have trumped the rights of other students forced to share a bathroom.

The transgender student, a male who identifies himself as a female, has sexually harassed female students in the girl’s bathroom at Florence High School, Pacific Justice Institute reported.

Not only have parents’ complaints gone nowhere, but the female students have also been threatened with dismissal from athletic teams and hate crimes charges if the complaints don’t stop, according to the institute, a nonprofit religious-rights organization that was alerted by concerned parents.

BizPac Review obtained the institute’s letter, sent to the school reminding officials of their “legal obligations to protect the privacy and expressive rights of all students — not just a select few.”

Institute attorneys said parents contacted them after discovering the school’s “apparent disregard for the constitutional privacy rights of their minor children.”

According to the letter, after meeting with the girls complaining about sharing a bathroom with the transgender student, school officials suggested the girls “avoid using the girls’ locker room” and instead use another bathroom. However, the one suggested is “far from their classes” and is not open during the after-school sports in which they participate.”

The letter extensively detailed what it said was legal precedent upholding privacy and expressive rights, especially of minor students while at school.

The institute has given the school five days to respond in writing to the specific issues it stated in the letter:

[acknowledging] the significant privacy rights of FHS students to not be forced to share bathrooms and locker rooms with members of the opposite biological sex;

[offering] proposed accommodations that are reasonable and do not involve students foregoing access to locker rooms or most bathrooms as a condition of maintaing their privacy rights;

[affirming] the expressive rights of students to discuss matters of public concern, including all sides of current LGBT issues and the students’ own constitutional privacy rights;

[explaining] in detail any factual allegations that you consider to be disputed; and

[identifying] the process you are undertaking to better educate FHS staff of student constitutional rights.

Read the letter PJI sent to Florence High School officials here.

*This post has been updated based on information from Pacific Justice Institute’s letter.

H/T Christian Broadcasting Network.

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143 thoughts on “School says transgender boy’s rights trump girls’ privacy in bathroom

  1. Estee May Scigliano says:

    Political correctness at its WORST!

  2. karenmeandering says:

    This story has been proved false and most legitimate news sources have updated their reporting. No students were threatened with dismissal from teams or hate crimes charges because no students complained. There are two parents in the entire school who are uncomfortable with their children using the bathroom with a transgender girl and have raised this issue. Personal discomfort is not harassment and is not a reason to deny another individual their rights. Please update the reporting on this story to reflect the facts and not propaganda and lies.

  3. christian_transgender says:

    This child, and neither the school district violated any laws. On the other hand, quite a few laws were broken by revealing this child’s medical history (yes we are under the care of a doctor not a psych), by invading this child’s privacy (yes she has privacy rights also), by accusing her, in published format of a violation (harassment) without substantiating it (libel), and not the least of which is trans bullying due to the resulting persecution (including death threats) that she is currently facing. This began AFTER the false accusation of “harassment”.

    My, your, and her privates are NOT part of the equation. If the fact that privates are well private needs to be clarified, I extend my sympathies, perhaps some maturing is still needed. Forcing a child to a “third-option” in regards to private facilities is a serious violation of federal civil law (title VII 1964) because like all female children she is developing into a woman, not a “transgender”.

    If by now, most of you fail to see the epitome of hypocrisy here, I really and absolutely wish more wisdom upon you. Why? Because what has happened is the vile advocating of violating this transgender child’s privacy in the name of “protecting privacy” of ALL students. If you fail to see how the glittering confetti was dropped over the word “privacy” and magically became “harassment”, two words that are not synonyms, perhaps you will understand once you complete the 8th grade.

    1. Realitycbd says:

      Do confused and mentally warped men like you ever consider suicide? I mean, it seems like you would, not being comfortable in your own skin. I bet no trans guy would keep a gun in the home, the temptation would be too great. I heard trannies are usually alcoholics.

    2. christian_transgender says:

      Below is comment “Exhibit A” that was truthfully, despite intent, rather flattering in that it validates my points. The words “confused”, “mentally warped”, “trannies”, “alcoholics” speak far more about the author than about my circumstances. Employing such “loving” tactics serves no one, on any side of any issue. In English 102, this is called an ad hominem fallacy.

      The implied suggestion that trans persons should commit self-homicide (violent suggestion) is beyond dispute and can easily be construed as an implied threat. Of course what would I know ;). Perhaps my personal credibility in this area wasn’t readily apparent in my comment above. As such my safety and privacy concerns are no different than those opposed, however as a person with a trans history I also know that trans students must be allowed to flourish and develop physically and socially in the gender they identify with. Under no circumstances will they be given free license to violate school regulations either, which means they will be held accountable as all students, regardless of gender.

  4. QueeRevolutionary says:

    The school district is following Colorado state law protecting the rights of ALL transgender people in Colorado

    In 2013, the Colorado

    The rights of transgender children was decided this year
    They have the right to use the bathroom of their gender identity.

    School district administrators are required to enforce all state laws.

    If Colorado citizens do not like the law, they will have to elect legislators to change the law.

    But YOU and Pacific InJustice Institute should not terrorize school administrators into violating the laws they are required to enforce.

    You should NOT endanger the lives of school students or staff for your ChristoFascist agenda.

    Anyone who does that is a terrorist who should be arrested.

  5. Christian DeBarge says:

    If this is a load of crap its a load of crap, but naturally I’m not surprised someone would take advantage of a law like this if they did. Human douchebaggery knows no bounds.

    If you’re stuck in the body of a male you’re going to have to deal with it until you can make the necessary changes. I don’t know what the kid looked like, maybe she already has boobs? I know plenty of TG who I respect dearly who are just fine as adults making their transition and they did not need these types of laws to get by while in their male bodies.

    It’s honestly a stupid law, how is it we can get stuff like this passed yet we can’t even get politicians to agree on matters that effect every last one of us as Americans? I never understood why the Marriage act was such a big deal, should’ve been allowed from the day the Declaration of Independence was signed, after all We’re all created equal right? I see no reason this stuff needs to make headlines when there are more important issues that effect The entire country at hand.

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