No fear gun ad: He picked the wrong girl!

With girls in growing numbers purchasing firearms, practicing at the range and applying for concealed weapons permits, bad guys had better think twice before confronting that good-looker with the double-x chromosomes. She just may be a chick packing heat.

Interested? Here’s step one to getting there.

In her latest National Rifle Association video commentary, the creator and editor of “Girl’s Guide to GunsNatalie Foster said a fear of guns is really no more than a fear of the unknown.

Getting your information about guns by reading reports only feeds the fear, Natalie Foster said. Learning about guns by going to the range, taking a class and actually shooting a weapon will dispel the fear, she said.

And once you’ve finally conquered your fears, taken some instruction and realized time at the range can actually be fun and ca stress reliever, gun ownership can even come in handy as the following Glock advertisement suggests.

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