Journalist sparks fury comparing Ted Cruz to OJ Simpson

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Just when you think the rhetoric on the far left can get no worse, along comes a  correspondent for New Yorker who likened U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R- Texas, to O.J. Simpson.

Yes, the same O.J. Simpson who is widely believed to be guilty of killing ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ronald Goldman, even though he beat the murder charges.

Ryan Lizza “unleashed a wave of fury on Twitter” Saturday, as described by the Washington Examiner, when he published a derogatory tweet about Cruz appearing at a protest on the National Mall:

Simpson promised to track down the actual murderers after being acquitted, and that vow has been a running joke ever since.

As can be expected, considering Twitter is dominated by the right, the reaction to his asinine tweet was less than favorable. So much so that “Ryan Lizz” was trending on the social media site for awhile. A sampling of the responses:

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