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5 powerful images from veterans’ march say it all

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The veterans’ protest that descended on Washington on Sunday created thousands of images of a frustrated American public fed up with the administration in the White House. Closing memorials – national monuments – out of spite betrays an arrogance of power liberals claim to despise but are showing no hesitation to display.

Tweets from the scene, partially gleaned from Twitchy.com, help tell the story.

Could any message than this one, harkening to Ronald Reagan’s historic challenge to the Soviet Union in 1987 Berlin, have been clearer?

Or how about the poetic protest of delivering barricades meant to keep out the American public directly to the grounds of the White House?

Police keeping order at protests is a standard image from Washington, D.C. But pne of helmeted cops wrestling an American flag out of a man’s hands outside the White House speaks volumes.

“Protect and serve” takes on a different meaning from the Marine Corps flag flying outside the Lincoln Memorial.

An American woman thanks a veteran — for what his service in the past and for his service on Sunday. Note the word on the monument.

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