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Rubio receives standing ovation: ‘I believe Jesus Christ is God’

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U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., drew a standing ovation Friday at the Values Voter Summit when he declared his faith in Jesus Christ.

In speaking of a growing intolerance of Christian beliefs, Rubio asked: “Who’s harmed by these values? Who does – how does promoting these values hurt anyone?

“Today we see a rising tide of intolerance in America, intolerance towards those who cherish these values,” Rubio told attendees.

“On issue – on issue after issue, on issue after issue, they are expected to be tolerant of others, but increasingly our culture’s intolerant of them,” Rubio continued. “This is not about imposing our religion on anyone. In America you have the right to worship any way you choose. That’s why virtually every faith and every denomination on earth has a presence in our land. You have a right to not believe in God at all.

“But I believe Jesus Christ is God,” Rubio said. “I believe he loves every single human being that has ever lived, no matter what they have done, even if they don’t believe in him.”

Even Democrats?

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Tom Tillison


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