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Allen West wishes a happy 238th birthday to the U.S. Navy

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Former Florida Congressman and retired Army Lt. Col. Allen West remembered Sunday as the birthday of the most powerful seagoing military force the world has ever known — the United States Navy — with this tribute he posted on his Facebook page. He couldn’t help but add a little good natured “Army vs. Navy” football dig at the end. Go Navy!

Happy 238th birthday to the greatest Naval force known to man, our United States Navy.

Through time there have been great navies; Athenian, Roman, Spanish, British, German, Japanese. However from the traditions of John Paul Jones, Farragut, Halsey, & Nimitz to today’s exceptional Sailors and leaders, our Naval force spans the globe bringing humanitarian relief or a bullet to the head of evil.

From this ol’ Soldier I simply say Bravo Zulu, Anchors Aweigh, and Happy Birthday Sailors. Sure hope we best y’all in football this year.

He added the following tweet on his Twitter feed:

Video tribute to the Navy (Hell Yeah!):

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