TSA now warns of arrest for ‘remarks or jokes’ about airport security


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Going to the airport in this post-9/11 era can be unnerving enough for obvious reasons. Now you have to fear being mistaken for a potential terrorist.

What sounds like Transportation Security Administration audio airing over loud speakers at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston is not being well-received, Police State USA reported Thursday.

The Orwellian announcements warn that anyone making inappropriate remarks can be arrested and that strangers may be out to pressure passengers to smuggle items aboard planes. That’s a good way to panic the public.

In August, a package containing nail polish remover sparked — of all things — a nerve-gas scare at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, the New York Post reported. Teams of responders in hazardous materials suits converged on the scene. Law enforcement said the compound used in the nail polish so closely resembled nerve gas that it tested positive for the biological weapon, the article said.

With nerve-gas scares and real threats already on travelers’ minds, the Houston airport audio blasts can’t be easing anyone’s fears.

Listen here via Police State USA who reported: “TSA announcement over the intercom system, Houston International Airport Gate B84, 9-20-13 ~9:30am”

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Matt Labo

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31 thoughts on “TSA now warns of arrest for ‘remarks or jokes’ about airport security

  1. Madamegar says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhh,the poor babies have no humor! Screw the TSA!!!!

  2. sixthfinger says:

    I think most of it is ego. They will always be regarded as rentacops by the public. It’s a shame they believe they can take away America’s rights. This should be fun to watch.

  3. JonDillinger2016 says:

    I would love to get arrested and then sue the hell out of them.

  4. JonDillinger2016 says:

    They want only the elite to travel.

  5. Michael Flint says:

    under what authority do they think they can arrest us?

  6. Danette Norrell Adamson says:

    So what happened to freedom of speech

  7. Matt Bauer says:

    biggest problem with the article: nerve gas is a chemical weapon, not a biological one.

  8. Les Kimbler says:

    TSA doesn’t like jokes about airport security because they are the joke.

    How many of you out there use a shortened version of your First name. like Mike, or Jenn instead of Jennifer. I’ve gone by my shortened first name for over 20 years, and never thought once about it, or had anyone question me. . . Until TSA.
    I got stopped because the name on my ticket was my shortened name, yet on my license it was my full name. I’m standing there with my kids for 25 min with TSA arguing because they wouldn’t let me through because the ticket has a shortened version of my name, not my full name. What was stupidest part of it was, she kept saying, “Do you have an ID with this name on it?” while holding my DL in her hand.

    1. plaguebeast says:

      I really want someone to tell me how we can make this stop? A majority of the population has learned that they can vote to make us give them our stuff. Since learning that, they will vote for anyone who will keep things the same way. TSA is part of the government, they aren’t going to let you sue them unless it is a token lawsuit, just to feed the MSM and pacify the low-information voter.

  9. John Smallberries says:

    Nerve gas is a chemical weapon, not a biological weapon.

  10. CEDUPZ says:

    we are do F’d! and it is because they have manipulated the minds of idiots who fall for their BS. armed thugs, state sanctioned, just like Mexico and all their crooked cops and how all of those “evil” dictatorships….we must be the dumbest country on the planet. With all teh history of how countrys get taken over by despots, we STILL can’t see it coming! WE truly are MORONS! Remember if your vote mattered or changed anything, it would be ILLEGAL.

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