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‘Million Vet March’ to storm war memorials paid for with ‘blood, sweat and tears’

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Million Vet March graphicThe organizer of Sunday’s Million Vet March on the Memorials in Washington, D.C.,  appeared on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” to explain the group’s mission.

“We just felt like the people who really should be recognized were being neglected, that somebody needed to do something,” Capt. Larry Bailey, a retired Navy SEAL, told host Megyn Kelly on Friday. “We just sat back and let the administration and people who tend to be anti-military work their will. We’ve decided that the WWII vets can’t do anything for themselves, so we’re going to do it for them.”

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., attended an immigration rally Wednesday, thanking the president for opening the memorials. But Kelly called the statement a falsehood, saying all the memorials haven’t been opened.

Kelly read a portion of the group’s petition, which says:

We, the American people and honored veterans are outraged by the senseless closure of our national war memorials. We understand that many of these memorials are open 24 hours per day, seven days per week with little or no staffing and were paid for with tax payer funds.

We have a right to visit these sacred places and pay respects to those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

We are outraged that our Vets have had to “storm” their own war memorials – monuments that were already paid for with their blood, sweat and tears.

Our memorials are supposed to be places of peaceful, solemn reflection. They should not be places that our veterans have to fight to enter.

We demand that the memorials be re-opened, and that Congress introduce legislation forbidding the shutdown of these memorials during any budget disputes.

The group has attracted tremendous support since organizing just over a week ago. The petition has garnered over 15,000 signatures so far, and its Facebook page has over 52,000 “likes.”

“Once the American people know what’s happening, they’ll rise up,” Bailey said.

Watch Bailey’s interview here via Fox News:


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