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LA public schools ask teachers to wear LGBT ‘ally’ badges

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Los Angeles public school teachers have to choose between wearing a badge to celebrate the gay lifestyle or possibly being labeled a homophobe.

The Out for Safe Schools initiative, which began Friday, called on teachers and staff members to wear rainbow “ally” badges to identify themselves as allies of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“It is safe to be you. We are proud of who you are,” Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent John Deasy told the local CBS affiliate. “Our campuses don’t want tolerance, we want acceptance.”

Leaders of the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center and the school district announced the initiative Thursday to help commemorate Friday’s designation as “National Coming Out Day.”

LGBT badge

“Beginning tomorrow, every one of L.A.’s 655,000 public school students will know and see there are adults at their school who support and care about LGBT kids,” said Alan Acosta, the center’s director of strategic initiatives.

Any teacher who chose not to wear the badge faced intimidation in its purest form. And while the school district seeks to move beyond simple tolerance for the gay lifestyle, the intolerance of Christian beliefs continues unabated in America.

Ironically, The Daily Caller reported that local media did not ask about possible repercussions for teachers who decline to wear the badge. Who would dare say no under the circumstances?

In effect, a non-participant might as well wear a badge that reads, “homophobe.”

“The badges will help teachers celebrate the fabulousness of gay students, gay fellow teachers and other gays, whose gayness automatically merits universal applause and celebration,” Daily Caller reporter Robby Soave wrote.

Soave added that the reverse sides of the badges include a handy list of resources available to gays and their supporters, including unions like the United Teachers Los Angeles, SEIU and Associated Administrators of Los Angeles.

Because nothing says quality education like union thugs.

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