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Ex-gang leader calls Sharpton, Jackson ‘sympathy pimps’

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A former leader of one of the country’s biggest street gangs says Mexican drug runners are getting free rein on the streets of Chicago – thanks to government ineptitude and corruption and “sympathy pimps” who have corporate America thinking they represent the black community being victimized by the drug gangs.

sharpjack1012In an interview with Breitbart.com, Harold “Noonie” Ward, an ex-high ranking member of the Gangster Disciples, blamed the city’s astonishing murder rate on a $3.5 billion drug business led by Mexican cartels. In 2012, Chicago, which has only a third of the population of New York City,  recorded 500 killings, the most of any city in the country.

And presiding over the carnage is President Obama’s hometown is Obama’s former chief of staff, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. Ward told Breitbart the drug violence couldn’t be happening without corruption in the government ranks.

The drug gangs “can only do what the city and the state allow them to do, this is by design,” he told Breitbart. “They know what they’re doing, the powers that be know what they are doing … Do you mean to tell me, can’t nobody stop that? Do you know how much drugs that is? Three billion dollars?

“You can’t come in the United States and do nothing without them [the government] knowing.”

And he asked corporate America to wake up to the fact that they are being deceived by the same people the media often hails as “civil rights leaders.” Big names names like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson — as well as lesser lights like the rabidly Obama-supporting Chicago priest Father Michael Pfleger — are actually “sympathy pimps,” Ward told Breitbart.

He asked corporate leaders to stop contributing to “black misleaders,” Breitbart reported. (For the record, Pfleger, is white.)

And as to Obama’s former right-hand man? Emmanuel’s back is turned to the devastation taking place in his own city, Ward said. (Sounds a little like someone in the White House.)

“Their strategy? They ain’t got no strategy, they going on with the program,” Ward told Breitbart. “If you think they can’t stop it fast in a hurry, then you sadly mistaken.”



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