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Atheists vs. Evangelicals in Battle of the Billboards

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This is the best an atheist group can do these days?

OMG, there is no god!” is the latest salvo fired in a battle of the billboards between evangelicals and non-believers in New York City’s Times Square, with the evangelicals winning so far on humor and style points (not to mention substance.)

atheistbillboard1011The atheists’ digital message, paid for by the Freedom From Religion Foundation,  is from Julia Sweeney, playwright and Saturday Night Live cast member who is probably pretty well known in New York and to the Times Square tourists who will see the billboard.

She is also, no doubt, a fine human being who probably honors her father and mother and tips well. But she isn’t exactly Reinhold Niebuhr religion-wise.

According to Blaze.com, the atheists’ keystroke-clipped theology is a response to a digital billboard put up earlier in the week by the evangelical group Answers in Genesis.

atheistbillboard21011That message said, “To all of our atheist friends, Thank God you’re wrong.”

Now, that’s a billboard message: friendly, pointed and at least a little witty. The Freedom From Religion Foundation – the cranks you usually hear griping about their feelings get hurt by nativity displays – ought to take a lesson.

Really, no one’s asking Julia Sweeney to be Friedrick Nietzsche.

As atheists’ quotes go, Nietzsche’s “God is dead,” is about unbeatable – there’s a reason it’s the most famous statement of godlessness in the modern world.

There’s also a reason Nietzsche died insane.

They’re probably related.

But spending money on billboard space at Times Square, the most expensive billboard space in the world, according to Advertising Age, just to say “OMG, there is no god”?

That’s LOL crazy.


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