Allen West calls Obama ‘spoiled brat child, pathological liar’

Former Florida Congressman Allen West said President Obama has been given everything he wants all his life without having to struggle for it, and as a result, America has a “spoiled brat” as a president.

When West appeared for a telephone interview on The Steve Malzberg Show Friday, the show’s host read an excerpt of a piece written by Dr. Keith Ablow that said the president has a “victim mentality” that makes him view opponents as “abusive, predatory and threatening to him.”

When Malzberg asked how else one can explain Obama’s rhetoric and ad hominem arguments, West got less psychological and more basic.

“A spoiled brat child, and a pathological liar,” he described Obama. And that was just the beginning. Listen to the exchange below.

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12 thoughts on “Allen West calls Obama ‘spoiled brat child, pathological liar’

  1. ralph says:

    Thank You Allen West for being a American man

  2. Princess Jazmine Butler says:

    I love Allen West.

  3. Bk Sharkespeare says:

    We need more people to stand up to Obama the way this man has.

  4. Jack says:

    this schmuck, yomama has endeared himself to soooo many voters with his entitlements ie: cell phones etc he is there to stay. Probalby figure out a way for a 3rd term

    1. Doug says:

      I’ll take that bet.

  5. BeautifulAmerica says:

    THANK YOU Colonel West for having the courage to speak freely! And truthfully. If only Americans could see how this cowardly communist tool really is. I’d love to see West against obaMao, with no teleprompter or note cards.

  6. Ted Strickland says:

    Allen should reread the President’s biography. Listen, West is getting desperate for another big paying job. He was let go from the Pajama outfit and his relation with Fox is getting to be unclear. He heaps his anger on the President because Mr Obama has been reelected and is getting things gone for the country. Over the last few years, we really couldn’t say this about Allen. Poor Allen, we knew him well. Anybody got a job for the poor soul?

    1. Don Foss says:

      Our country is more divided than ever and hatred seethes from the liberal base and Democrats, taking Obama’s cues and his own words. The negativity of the opposition has never been more profound from an administration. We’re approaching 17 trillion dollars of debt. Under this president China has manipulated us into a corner, barely believing their luck of finding themselves getting to deal with this president for another term, that they will virtually own us continuing at this rate. Russia plays us like a fiddle and has basically free reigns now. Iran laughs at us. Our old dependable friends, the Czechs, Poles, Georgians, were thrown under the bus on Day 1 of Obama’s presidency in an attempt to appease Russia. Even our oldest and truest allies, Great Briton, have dumped us and told us to take a hike on the latest vote of support in their parliament (regarding Syria). And Syria…what a display of incompetence there. The NSA, which under a republican president would have had the press demanding impeachment. Benghazi. Don’t even get me started on that. The IRS debacle, with management now coming out stating clearly they were taking their cues from DC. And how about the process of the ObamaCare bill and how that was passed by Democrats alone, strongarmed and threatened by Obama and his henchmen, and “We have to pass the bill before wqe know what’s in it” Pelosi? I could go on and on. This presidency is a total disaster for America, and half of us are willingly blind to it.

    2. Harry says:

      Freudian slip Mr Ted Strickland ” Mr Obama has been reelected and is getting things GONE for the country.”
      I couldn’t agree more !!

  7. Howard Turner says:

    Allen West will have a job in the house of reps in 2014 along w/ alot more republicans. obamas petulant ways and foolish grandstanding just this past week have just about guaranteed that. after year of obamacare and all the cost hikes even the lowest information voters will see what farse his terms have been

  8. Yeshuratnam says:

    Clint Eastwood said ‘OBAMA IS THE GREATEST HOAX EVER PERPETRATED ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE’ Now Allen West calls him a ‘spoiled brat child, pathological liar.’ During this shutdown crisis, Obama should display the qualities of a real statesman, taking into account the woes of millions of Americans. During his presidency, Americans are witnessing deep recession, massive unemployment, $17 trillion debt and debacle in foreign policy — Benghazi and Putin’s dominance in Syrian crisis. But Obama is acting like a ‘brat child’ by going to wayside restaurants and showing his obstinacy without yielding. Lord Acton said, ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely,’ and that’s happening to him today. The Bible tells about a period when Abomination occupied the holy temple in Jerusalem. Likewise people are gasping with dismay today at the occupant in the White House.

  9. Don Foss says:

    The proof that America has lost its soul and collective intelligence is the president we have elected…twice. It’s heartbreaking for every patriot to live through this. Wish I had been born 40 years earlier.

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