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Web design expert: Obamacare website ‘pretty sloppy, just inefficient’

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The web site set up to allow people to enroll online in Obamacare has been “bedeviled by technology glitches,” and a web design expert said the expensive site was “pretty sloppy…just inefficient.”

In an interview with CNN on Thursday, Russ Reeder, who designs websites for major corporations, was asked by correspondent Brian Todd if the web site had a design flaw, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

“Just from the highest level, looking at the code on the website, to be honest with you, it was pretty sloppy,” Reeder said. “There were still test code in there. There was a number of times that the website would have to go back and hit the server and then come back with too much information. It was just inefficient.”

Rumors suggesting the web site cost the Obama administration $634 million to build proved not to be true, but even at the more accurate cost of just over $90 million, taxpayers have every right to expect better results.

Todd reported earlier in the week that he was told “that the administration was warned about these potential problems months in advance.”

In an exchange with host Wolf Blitzer, he said Robert Lushevsky, a health care consultant, told him “those warnings were ignored, they went full speed ahead, and said we’ll work these problems out.”

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