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Pelosi confronted at illegals’ rally: ‘Just wait . . . Americans are coming’

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The independent filmmaker who confronted former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at Wednesday’s immigration reform rally on the National Mall predicted on Megyn Kelly’s “The Kelly Files”  Wednesday night that the capital will see growing demonstrations by Americans outraged by the Obama administration.

Filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch captured Pelosi making her way into the immigration rally and asked if she planned on going to the still-closed World War II memorial across the mall.

nancypelosi1010“I go all the time,” Pelosi, D-San Francisco, responded (she probably doesn’t). “I don’t go to grandstand.”

On the rally stage, Pelosi made matters worse — by grandstanding.

“I want to … thank the president for enabling us to gather here, and also thank the president the veterans were able to gather at the World War II memorial.”

So we need to thank the president that veterans were able to gather at the memorial they fought for? And it still remains closed to American citizens who aren’t World War II veterans while immigrants – legal and illegal – are granted special permission to gather nearby because they’re in the president’s favor?

That’s not how it works in this country — or how it’s supposed to work, anyway.

As Kelly pointed out,” it’s a double standard. A memorial to World War II veterans is closed by the administration to make congressional Republicans look bad, while special dispensation is granted to the president’s political allies to show how popular their cause is.

“Americans have had it,” said Lynch, who said he’s been filming in Washington since the first confrontation at the World War II memorial last week.

“Bikers and truckers and everyday Americans … They’re coming to D.C.,” Lynch said.

“If you thought there were a lot of illegal aliens, just wait. The Americans are coming.”

Check out the “Kelly Files” segment here.



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