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Mitt Romney predicted shutdown, explains fix to Hannity

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Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney made a prediction during the 2012 election few took to heart, but given the rancor emanating from Washington, most now wish they would have.

“You know that if the president were to be elected, he would still be unable to work with members of Congress,” he said in 2012 according to Fox News. “He’s ignored them, he’s attacked them, he’s blamed them. And of course the debt ceiling is going to come up again, and then there’d be a threat of shutdown or default. And that of course chills the economy, puts more people out of work.”

One year later, the government has been shut down for a week, people have been forced out of work and we’re a week away from bumping against a new debt ceiling — and the president won’t negotiate until he first gets his way. These predictions are on top of a host of other ones Romney made in 2012 that eventually came to pass.

He criticized President Obama on the Sean Hannity Show Tuesday for not working with the Republican-held House.

“We’ve got to rein in our spending,” Romney said. “We’ve got to put in place a series of reforms that assure that America’s future will be prosperous. And that’s what the Republicans are asking the president to do.”

When asked whether he supports the GOP’s stand against the Affordable Care Act, he said, “I’m with the Republicans who want to make sure we finally address the spending crisis that’s ahead.”

The two also discussed mistakes Romney had made during the campaign.

Watch the interview from Fox News.


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