Civilian mows lawn at Lincoln Memorial: ‘God bless that man’

There is really not much that needs to be said about the picture floating around Twitter of a guy, presumably an average citizen – flag in one hand – mowing the lawn at the Lincoln Memorial in the midst of the government shutdown. As Brandon Morse  tweeted and Monica Crowley and others re-tweeted, ‘God bless that man!”


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25 thoughts on “Civilian mows lawn at Lincoln Memorial: ‘God bless that man’

    1. Kevin Clark says:

      Are we looking at a future libertarian House member from SC, No way a Democrat would dare do something to make the POtuS look like an idiot!

  1. Doug says:

    My sources say that’s a very nice man.

  2. joycelgr says:

    God Bless him….how much do you want to bet he is a veteran.

  3. Mr. Rachford's ire says:

    Watched this man on Fox News this morning. As an old soldier it is becoming hard for anyone to impress me.
    This man did it in stripes. Yes the stripes of our flag blow through his heart. This awesome and country first loving man. Bless him.

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