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Testy Carney mocks another reporter for calling him out

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It’s a new week, and another reporter calls out White House press secretary Jay Carney – this time for misinterpreting remarks made by House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio.

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl attempted to keep Carney in line during a discussion over the debt ceiling, after a question posed by Reuters’ Mark Felsenthal.

“Speaker Boehner said this weekend that there would be no increase in the debt limit without concessions from the president,” Felsenthal said. “Can you comment on that?”

Carney attempted to give a lengthy response:

“Contradicting a host of times when he himself said we would never default, Republican leaders in the House and Senate have long said that they would never allow us to default. Now we see the leader of the Republican Party on Capitol Hill saying he will not raise the debt ceiling if Republicans do not get what they want.

“That is highly reckless and irresponsible. It is astounding, really, if you think about it. On Oct. 7, given how little time there is left, that the speaker of the House is announcing to the world he will not allow a bill to raise the debt ceiling to pass if Republicans do not get their specific demands–”

Karl interrupted before Carney could finish, saying:

“That’s not what he’s saying, Jay. He’s saying it’s negotiable.”

Carney snapped back at him.

“Hey, Jon, I am having a conversation here,” Carney said. “I’m sure you’ll represent what the speaker is saying in a minute.”

Karl was not amused, replying, “Very funny, but that’s not what he said.”

Last week, Carney was pressed on more than one occasion by Fox News’ Ed Henry and other members of the media over Obamacare and the president’s lack of willingness to negotiate.

Watch Carney’s exchange with Karl here:

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H/T: The Blaze


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