Kelly asks Cruz: ‘What’s it like to be most hated man in America?’

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly made her long-awaited prime-time debut Monday night.

Following “The O’Reilly Factor,” the top rated cable news show in America, she kicked off the first episode of the “The Kelly File” with an interview of U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

“What’s it like to be the most hated man in America?” Kelly asked, after showing clips of Democratic lawmakers blaming Cruz for the government shutdown.

Looking past her question, Cruz responded by congratulating Kelly on the new show, saying “Fox News is lucky to have you.”

Kelly thanked him and got back to business: “Now answer the question!”

“Most Americans don’t care about politicians bickering, they’re looking for people to solve the problems,” Cruz said. He stressed that the House has passed bills to fund specific agencies, but President Obama and Senate Democrats refuse to support them.

Kelly pointed to a recent poll from Politico that showed Cruz’s unfavorable ratings and asked whether his stance is costing himself and the GOP.

With a calm demeanor, Cruz said, “At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter,” adding that Democrats are trying to make this a battle of personalities by engaging in “relentless nasty personal attacks.”

“I don’t intend to defend myself, I don’t intend to reciprocate,” he said before highlighting the very real problems associated with Obamacare.

A clip of Obama criticizing Cruz was played, prompting Cruz to say it’s “pretty remarkable” that the president would go after him. He accurately noted that Obama has been “AWOL” in negotiations.

All in all, it was a great start to what’s likely to be a well received show.

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Tom Tillison


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