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Military commissaries closed, but look what’s open for ‘President Stompy Foot’ . . .

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There is a good reason why conservatives on Twitter nicknamed President Obama “President Stompy Foot” during the government shutdown, and why the new nickname and logo #SpiteHouse was trending on Sunday.

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Twitter #SpiteHouse

In a painful hit to our military, commissaries on bases throughout the country, including on Andrews Air Force Base, have shutdown “forcing troops and their families to shop at local [grocery] stores that cost about 30 percent more,” Bloomberg reported.

But guess what remains open at Andrews Air Force Base?

Obama’s preferred golf course.

Because God forbid the arrogant commander-in-chief be inconvenienced one iota and not be able to indulge in his favorite presidential hobby during the shutdown.

“The Andrews Air Force Base golf course is funded through user fees and that’s why it remains open,” Air Force Captain Lindy Singleton told Bloomberg.

For the past week, stories of the willy-nilly, seemingly spiteful closing of open-air memorials, and incredibly, now even the damn ocean, during the shutdown have infuriated Americans across the country.

The government’s AMBER Alert website was taken offline for lack of funding for a week, although the actual program was fully functional. According to Twitchy, the following message was posted on AMBERAlert.gov until the DOJ brought the site back online Monday:

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Now look at which “.gov” website remained fully functional: Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move.” Seriously.


Welcome to Obama’s America: it’s missing and endangered children versus Michelle’s obsession with childhood obesity, while Obama golfs at Andrews, but military families have to leave the base to grocery shop.

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