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Clerk battles armed robber with machete

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This video is crazy. I’m all for fighting criminals, but the clerk is very lucky he isn’t dead.

The New York Post says this happened on Sept. 25 2013, but the timestamp on the video says it took place in 2011. A lot of people do have messed up video time stamps. No matter when it happened though, it’s still pretty wild.

From New York Post: Store clerk fights off armed robber with sword

A fearless — or plain crazy — Long Island deli clerk dodged a bullet, then grabbed a machete and bravely chased a pistol-packing thug from the store, Suffolk cops said Monday.

Shocking surveillance video of the Sept. 25 incident shows the masked gunman as he burst through the door of the Stop & Shop Deli on Crooked Hill Road in Brentwood about 8 p.m. and pointed a semi-automatic .22 caliber handgun at the clerk.

The crook, carrying an Air Jordan backpack, demanded cash, but the plucky worker hesitated even though the gun was pointed at him only inches away.

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